Evolve with your workplace culture with best-in-class workplace health and safety software

by Safetysuite Global on Jun 3, 2022 Customer Service 119 Views

A growing number of businesses are investing in their workplace health and safety, making it a part of everything they do, to prevent injury, manage incidents and hazards, reduce risk and implement proactive measures.

Workplace safety software provides a huge range of benefits. Often safety is managed in isolation. It’s an after-thought. Investing in safety software that is native for SAP SuccessFactors ensures safety is elevated to a high priority within the business. This also results in a reduction of accidents and deaths that occur on the job.

Safety software implemented effectively can save costs overall (by managing workers compensation and reducing the cost of staff), boost productivity, and improve overall performance metrics in safety. The following points are essential reasons why the implementation of SafetySuite workplace health and safety software into your business is beneficial.

Data Consistency

It is imperative that you maintain uniformity at each and every step of the data collection and organisational process. SafetySuite workplace safety software can assist with precision of data. It also supports staff members in reporting and documenting incidents, ensuring information is not misplaced or lost over the years. SafetySuite allows an employee to report trends in data (which is difficult to do with a paper based system). The ability to report on data from previous encounters allows better decisions to be made in the future and for goals to be set around reducing incidents and increasing workplace safety.

Reduce Negligence

Approximately thirty-two percent of mid-market businesses are concentrating their efforts on the development of procedures and tools for incident management. However, just 28 percent are actively controlling the risk and taking preventative measures before it materializes. There is certainly BIG room for improvement within these metrics. The cost of addressing an issue after it has already occurred is considerably higher than the cost of adopting preventative actions to avoid the occurrence entirely.

OH&S managers are now able to hold a tool in their hands that supports employee safety and reduces the risk of accidents and deaths occurring under their watch. Why avoid being negligent? It seems obvious, but let’s spell it out. Firstly, to prevent the loss of human life, but also if an employee gets hurt at work not only will they need to take time off (which you’ll have to pay them for), but you as a company may also be liable for not adequately managing the safety processes.

Time savings leading to increased productivity

The importance of productivity in business cannot be overstated, and despite the fact that competition can be intense at times, the implementation of health and safety software is a straightforward way to boost productivity without causing employees to be concerned about the nature of their jobs in the foreseeable future. Wherever there is a worker, there is a need for experts in health & safety. It is an essential part of all companies, yet it often gets managed in isolation or forgotten about.

Workplace safety software assists in taking care of the more tedious chores like report filing, incident recording and hazard reporting, which allows the health and safety experts to spend more time on the things that they truly believe are going to create change in the organization from an OH&S point of view.

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