How to Configure Gmail to Pull Mail from SBCGlobal

by Monica Geller on Jun 11, 2019 Customer Service 1752 Views

Are you confused about your SBCGlobal Net Email setting? No need to be confused about it as I brought up an easy solution for it. Many of SBCGlobal users search for “SBCGlobal mail setting” to pull their mails to another email accounts so they will have no need to sign in again and again to their SBCGlobal email account to read email from their SBCGlobal email account.

This one is only for Gmail users.

Gmail is the most popular email service that is used by millions and billions of users in today's world. Gmail also offers better services and storage space for users and most of these services are free. So, many users of SBCGlobal email accounts wants to switch to Gmail. You can easily switch to Gmail by just creating an email account. Yet, the problem is while switching, how to Configure Gmail to pull mail from SBCGlobal.

This way you can get your SBCGlobal mail on your Gmail account:

1. The First thing you need to go to “your Gmail account”, and sign in if needed.

2. Click on the “setting” icon at the top right corner of the page and choose “setting” in menu that opens.

3. Click on the “Accounts and Import tab”, and thereafter on “Add an Email Account.”

4. Enter your full email in the window that opens, and click on “Next” button.

5. Now select “Import emails from my other account (POP3)” tab and Click on “Next”

6. Here, you need to enter your full SBCGlobal email address in the “Username” field.

7. In the “Password” field enter the password for your email address.

8. Now enter in the “POP Server” field.

9. Then select 995 in the “Port” dropdown list.

10. Now check the “Always use a secure connection (SSL)” checkbox.

11. Thereafter click the “Add account” button.

12. Click the NO option on the next table or screen.

13. And finally, click the “Finish” button.




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