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An individual is recognised by its Unique Muslim name around the world. Every religion have names for their followers. When it comes to be a Muslim, their popular Muslim names have  symbolic meanings taken from the good omen, qualities, traditions, myths, places and incidents.

Some names are also taken from different languages and religions, such as Sameer (or Samir) means "loyal" in Muslims and in Hindus it means "God of Wind". But their meanings are different in Arabic (Islamic language). In Islamic point of view, names have their own effects on a person. Popular Muslim baby names play a significant role in your baby’s life. Every name in Muslims always carry its own symbolic positive aspect. We are here to help you in searching Unique Muslim baby names from best origin. 

Muslim follows the religion of Islam. So they keep in their mind while picking a unique Muslim baby name for their child that their every single act reflects the significance of Islam. Muslims are one of the greatest population (1.9 billion) in the world. Due to such a great number, their every code of life is observed and followed in rest of the world. Same with their names which are used with different dialects in people of other religion. One of the leading reason for popularity of unique Muslim's baby names around the world is because they are found in every part of the world. Muslim's icons due to their renowned reign are well known in every part of the world and many countries use their codes with their names such as Umar ( Omar) and many more names are also popular due to this reason.

MUSLIMS Scientists & influenced of their names: 
In early tenure of Islamic era, the Muslims conquered many states and established  libraries and research centres in these states.The research on religion, language, science and many other fields began in these institutions. Many new works and researches were published with the names of these Muslims. In the present time, many of these researches and works are compiled with their names in the form of books and are used with the different dialects of Muslims names. Such as great work on medicine is also done by Muslims.Those works are taught with the names of these Muslim researcher or scientists. How adorable if you choose your loved ones names from them. We’re here to suggest you best & unique Muslim baby names among them 

Many famous Muslim's scientists are also well known for their work in present time. One of the greatest work in the field of Chemistry was made by "Jabir Bin Hayan". Another work in the field of medicine was done by a Muslim scientist name "Bu Ali Sina" his famous book is still taught in Universities of Europe with his famous rephrased name Avicenna.
A famous name is still known for  their famous work "Abu Al-Qasim Zahrawi" with their famous work compiled in his book Al-Tasrif. There are many such great scientists, scholars and leaders which are still well-known with their rephrased names. It’s observed that we have a legacy of Unique & Popular Muslim baby names in the form of our scientists names.

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