Basic Procedures of Cataract Surgery

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Cataract surgery is a process where you remove the misty lens of the eyes and replace it with a clear version. During earlier times, patients took time to recover. However, with the advanced laser technology and digital slit lamp imaging system, the recovery period is much faster. Through local anesthesia, the procedure is done and in no time people are back to leading normal lives. The surgery is done successfully and there are no complications or side effects. But, you need to consider two factors to get the surgery: one is the time of surgery and the type of lens for implanting.


Why Do You Need Cataract Surgery?

With the help of a slit lamp imaging system, the doctors check for problems in the front and back parts of the eye. This is the first step that helps to detect eye complications. Cataract surgery is mostly done as an outcome of aging. The formation of a cataract is a slow process that takes place as you age. The eye lenses begin to feel less resilient, transparent, and mostly thicker.


An Eye Exam before Cataract

When there is a change in the vision, the first step is an eye examination. The digital slit lamp imaging system has become highly popular and every doctor examines the status of the patient’s eye through this device. Besides cataracts, other eye problems like glaucoma can be checked instantly nowadays. Regardless of age, it is important to visit an eye doctor at least once a year. A slit lamp imaging system helps to illuminate the area of your eyes to assess the intensity of the cataract formation.


The Need for Lens Replacement

The best treatment for cataracts involves the replacement and removal of the clouded lens. However, the most common doubt is when you should go for the procedure. Cataract surgery can wait as it is not a life-threatening disorder. The decision depends on how it’s affecting your vision. If it’s interfering in your daily routine and finding it tough to perform certain activities like reading or writing, you can fix an appointment with your doctor. If there is a cataract in both eyes, doctors mostly suggest surgery for one eye. After surgery, if your vision is clearer, you can go for the other eye as well. It is always advisable to wait for the first eye to heal.


The Recovery Period

After the procedure, a patient spends close to an hour in the recovery area until the anesthesia effect diminishes. The Doctor places a clear shield or a bandage on your eye to avoid dust entering the area. Once you reach home, you must ensure that your eye doesn’t catch any kind of infection. Take extra care and apply drops several times as it helps to get water out from your eye.


The author Wang explains how the cataract is formed and the best way to detect it at an early stage through a digital slit lamp imaging system. The author speaks about the procedures and importance of regular eye check-ups through a slit lamp imaging system.

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