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Looking for Online Janam Kundli in Hindi Reading by Date of Birth then you are at the right place. We provide you with 100% accurate kundli reading for marriage, career, future etc.


Birth Kundali, popularly known as birth chart or Janam Kundli in Hindi, is the first thing parents do for Kundali making when a baby is born. Online Kundli is prepared to fulfill two main objectives - firstly to predict the baby's name and secondly, to create a kundli prediction that reveals the future directions of a person's life.


Janam kundli in Hindi and future?


You can know every little detail about your personality, characteristics, family, present, past and future challenges you will face in life and your achievements through Kundali and Future. If you have your birth time online, free kundli in Hindi reading will be easier and much better and effective. For a more accurate kundli reading, a good astrologer will ask for dates of birth as well as the time of birth. However, these days, such tools have also come, thanks to which the online kundli according to the date of birth is close to accurate.


Things you will know from Janam Kundli in Hindi Prediction:


Find out about your life's future path and remedies according to your birth Kundali.


You can know about your auspicious times through our free online Janam kundli in Hindi reading. This advanced information will help you use these best days to the best of your ability, which will enhance the results of your efforts.


Know your future destiny, auspicious numbers and gems.


Understand your behavior, the nature and behavior of your partner and those you don't get along with kundli online.


Understand the situations you are likely to encounter in your Online Kundli Reading by date of birth and plan accordingly.


A conventional guide to the navigation of the planet in your Janam kundli in Hindi?


The 9 planets of Vedic astrology are given great importance. Each planet has its own characteristics and affects a person differently. These planets cast a significant shadow on the lives of human beings, sometimes even changing their future. Each planet in Indian astrology has a role to play, depending on its characteristics, which the natives endow with certain life events that can bring a smile to their faces or disgust them. These planets in Vedic astrology are namely Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu and Mercury.


Navigation of planets in astrology


Planet Sun - Planet Sun is the ruling planet or center of the solar system. So the Sun planet rules the center of the human body. It is also associated with all central things like central government, and central positions in an organization. In Hindu culture, people consider the sun planet as God. It provides life, strength and energy. It tells about the meaning of life. Narrates the main motive of an individual's birth and focuses on why and for what a person is here in this world. It also represents a person's high esteem. One should pray to the Sun planet to remove the malefic effects of the Sun planet. People can also do Surya Namaskar to regain the spirit and improve eyesight on Sunday.


Planet Moon 


The planet Moon is associated with a person's emotions and feelings. It gives the native a positive attitude and optimistically solves adverse situations. While the Sun Planet indicates the public life of the natives and their position in the outer world. The Moon shows the family and private prospects of the individual. It means that such a person will have a lot of love for his own country. The planet Moon is the lord of the 4th house. It symbolizes the mind and the mother of man. It makes one cool and calm and gives one a positive aura. Such a person should respect his mother and should not argue with her.


Planet Mercury 


Planets play a big role in astrology. Another important planet is Mercury. If Mercury is positively placed in the native's birth chart, then it bestows good health, wealth and speech. It is very beneficial for the individual as it blesses the native with great speaking and writing ability. It also makes one intelligent and informed. Such a person is a multitasker because he can perform more than one task at a time. It primarily means intellect, communication, way of thinking, adaptability, logical reasoning and justification. Such a person will always be against the one he does not like. Such people should bury a copper vessel filled with honey in the cremation ground.


Planet Venus - The planet Venus symbolizes women and marriage prospects in any janam kundli in hindi. It is also known as the 7th house Karak planet. This house shows the person's marriage prospects and various business partnerships. It is related to all luxury and wealth. If Venus is strong in the native's online kundli with other planets, one can enjoy the love, care and pleasure provided by the partner. The married life of such a person will be good and full of comfort. Such a person may marry early. Natives can connect with any work related to fashion and beauty. A man should respect his wife and take care of her.


Planet Mars 


The planet Mars bestows a good and strong personality on the native. It gives the natives the courage to deal with various situations. It gives energy and encourages natives to compete with enemies. Primarily represents the need to achieve desires, compete with enemies and look good in front of others. According to Vedic astrology, Mars is known as Mangala, which means ego, self-confidence and energy. It also blesses the natives with physical strength to deal with situations. As a result, the enemy of the native does not even dare to face him/her. Such people should avoid talking to anyone in a rude manner as it may cause conflicts.


Planet Jupiter 


Jupiter is the most important planet in Vedic astrology. Jupiter represents abundance, happiness, success, prosperity and wealth. It means the need for faith, support and, above all, self-confidence. It also develops the need to focus on ourselves and improve ourselves. Jupiter is a benefic planet which can never harm a person. It makes a person wise and gives him/her the ability to solve situations. It also bends the native towards spiritualism. This planet can also increase one's respect and reputation in society. Such a person will do a very respectable job and hold a very high position in the organization. The native should respect his Guru to be successful in life.


Planet Saturn


The planet Saturn blesses the native with everything he ever asked for. It will be very auspicious for the native in terms of health and well-being, wealth and prosperity. Such a native generally speaks the truth and hates those who lie. It is a fair planet and one believes that one should get what one truly deserves. It also enlightens a person spiritually. Saturn bestows long life on the native. It works on the principles of karma and fate. Some people consider it a malefic planet as it can cause disappointment and discouragement. Such a person should be very careful while driving as it can cause accidents and serious injuries.


Planet Rahu


Rahu is a shadow planet. Rahu is the North Node of the Moon. Rahu represents ego, power and success in our lives. It is a cunning and malevolent planet. Rahu also signifies grandfather which means it can have malefic effects on the native's grandfather as well. Rahu can have negative as well as positive effects. If it is place in a benefic house, then it can be very beneficial to the individual, but if it is placed in a negative house, it will only make the individual dissatisfied and depressed. The best remedy for such natives is to wear something made of silver like a silver ring, pendant etc.


Planet Ketu 


Ketu is also a shadow planet. It symbolizes freedom or freedom from worldly affairs. These natives generally enjoy life at the expense of others, live in a rented house, use other's vehicles etc. Planet Ketu also forms various bad yogas when conjunct with other planets. A misplace Ketu in online kundli also gives many bad results in the native's life as well as Rahu, but the depth of the bad results they cause is less compared to Rahu planet. Ketu planet is more moderate compare to Rahu.


If you need more details about these planets and their influence on you as per your horoscope, then you can avail of Vedic astrology consultation from our panel of the world's best astrologers.


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