5 Tips for Getting Started With IT Asset Management

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IT asset management tools are a quintessential part of any IT organization because they help in managing costs and mitigating risks. Furthermore, they also make the overall IT service ecosystem more effective and responsive. But doing it the right way that yields measurable business outcomes can be challenging.


At the end of the day, IT asset management can be overwhelming, considering the gamut of tools available. The ideal place to start is by understanding what is achievable and what is not. This can go a long way to align IT asset performance with business goals.


Here are five useful tips to enhance your IT asset management approach:


#1: Set Your Goals


Finding all the right answers starts with asking all the right questions. It’s how realistic goals can be set for your IT asset lifecycle management journey.  Ask yourself: What exactly do you want to achieve with an innovative strategy? Are you looking merely at IT inventory management? Or is IT asset lifecycle management a major area of concern? Do you want IT asset discovery tools too? Knowing the answers gives you a head-start in this journey.


This is also an effective way of improving support resolution, be prompt to respond to audit requests, and become more aware of the assets across the networks. Set your targets and goals to measure the efforts of the program and track its progress.


#2: Acquire Buy-in from Business Side


Many mission-critical business processes are dependent on IT asset management. As such, it is important to acquire buy-in from the business side. It’s even more important since leadership support is a pivotal part of any change management plan – thereby, influencing the extent of ROI. So, you should discuss the business plan with the seniors in the management. You should also ensure that they participate actively in stages such as renegotiating maintenance contracts, reassigning assets, or modifying IT usage rules.


The program may not contribute to improving the income of the company immediately, but it would drive considerable cost savings while strengthening IT efficiency. Hence, setting realistic management expectations is a C-suite top-priority.


#3: Prepare for Long-term


IT asset management is a long-term and ongoing process. It is up to the company and its IT systems to well-equipped to drive the end-to-end lifecycle. But in this day and age, any company’s IT ecosystem is bound to change constantly. Keeping applications, devices, and systems aligned also requires a continuous improvement program.  With regular monitoring and review, you maximize the value of that particular program.


On the contrary, this continuous nature of IT asset management is also the source of constant opportunities to improve and innovate. You can adapt to gain greater value from the assets. For instance, you can reassign licenses, reduce the time of help-desk resolution, detect risks to IT assets, etc.


#4: Choose a Tool


As earlier mentioned, the challenge is that there are multiple IT asset management tools to choose from. Before you begin, you should set your requirements clearly. Only then, you can select a tool that supports your immediate requirements as well as fits into your company’s technology environment. If your company has multiple branches with remote employees or complex network architectures, you should leverage IT asset discovery tools. These tools can support your ongoing efforts in managing specific tasks such as detecting new improvement opportunities. The key part of this stage is to try the tool in your company’s technology environment before committing.


#5: Establish Baseline


Establishing the precise baseline of IT assets is the foundation of any successful IT asset management program. The baseline should include IT asset inventory management tools, installed software and printers, financial records like software licenses and contracts, etc. Once a baseline has been established, the right tool - along with the right mindset - can reimagine how your IT inventory is managed.


If you follow these five tips, you can create an IT asset lifecycle management journey with a long-term vision to truly maximize the ROI the newly deployed program. 

Article source: https://article-realm.com/article/Computers-and-Technology/13798-5-Tips-for-Getting-Started-With-IT-Asset-Management.html


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