High-Grade SQL Databases For SQL Developers To Upgrade In 2022!

by Archana Agarwal on May 10, 2022 Computers and Technology 13 Views

As an SQL developer, it is important to stay up to date with trends and the rising skills demands in the industry. This is the only way to grow and sustain a career in this field.


Skillsets always play a major helping hand in this. Since SQL development is a creative and evolving technology entirely linked to the data, it is important to stay updated about the various databases that will serve the booming growth in your career as an SQL developer. 


Here is the list of the top 4 databases which are going to help you to upgrade yourself and make your skills future-ready:


  1.  MySQL:

It is an RDBMS used by more than 55.6% of respondents, which makes it one of the globally popular databases for users. Some of the key features of this database are:

  • It is very helpful for database experts and software developers to create and deploy cloud SaaS, PaaS DBaaS, and applications. 

  • It is highly scalable and can run multiple platforms, including Linux, Windows, and Unix. 

  • It supports ACID( atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability) and is highly manageable, along with faster utility loading. 

  • PHP integration adds another advantage to the users. 

  • It offers high performance and reliable security via encryptions. 


  1.  PostgreSQL

ORDBMS(object-relational database management system) has SQL compliance, a great tool to learn for the future. The key features of the database include:

  • It offers multiple platform compatibility similar to MySQL, such as Linux, MacOSX, Unix, etc. 

  • Inheritance and the function loading are the unique features in this database. 

  • It provides greater extensibility, reliability, and data integrity with good control at handling data. 

  • It has multi-version support, concurrency control, SQL subselects, Streaming Replication, complex SQL queries, etc. 


  1.  Microsoft SQL server 

One of the rational RDBMS for cloud and on-premise systems also has characteristic features, making Java a unique place in the analytics industry. Some of the key features of this database are discussed as follows:

  • It is well designed to assist in scaling performance, ensure security to the business.s 

  • It assists an SQL developer with insights without making any modifications to existing data. 

  • It is well-designed to support structures, non-structured/semi-structured, or capital data. 

  • It also offers graphics integrations and easier data complication irruptive for source with ease to the user. 




These were the top databases and key features you should integrate into yourself. Learning these skills will help you serve the roles and responsibilities demanding expertise as an SQL developer at such databases in 2022 and beyond.  

Moreover, once the learning session is over, you can start working on freelancing projects to gain experience and polish your skills. There are so many technical freelancing portals to choose from. One emerging portal is Eiliana.com which offers amazing opportunities for budding freelancers with their expert assistance to grow and develop.


Article source: https://article-realm.com/article/Computers-and-Technology/22122-High-Grade-SQL-Databases-For-SQL-Developers-To-Upgrade-In-2022.html


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