Advantages of Serverless Computing

by Andrew Taylor on Sep 30, 2022 Computers and Technology 36 Views

The serverless infrastructure is an evolutionary phase that allows you to leverage the advances in the serverless platform and create a paradigm shift in DevOps. You can easily achieve business agility and foster rapid delivery of business value through continuous improvement, learning, and collaboration. When companies choose to go serverless to run their firm, they can grasp various benefits such as improvised scalability, enhanced productivity, flexibility, and affordability. We are now glimpsing an era where there is an increasing demand to scale and leverage applications which means serverless is the future of cloud technology.


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Serverless Computing


Microservices and DevOps are gaining adequate momentum over the last few years, and serverless cloud computing is the next big thing. Developers can easily create an environment that works great when it comes to addressing each factor of composable serverless infrastructure. Switching to a serverless provider like AWS Lambda or Azure Functions  helps organizations deliver new products in a much cheaper and more accurate way.

In this post, we’re going to discuss the main benefits of serverless computing and how it helps you to transform your business and take it to the next level. So, without any further ado, let’s get proceed!


What is serverless computing?

To begin with, it is a major mind transformation in the way businesses run. Serverless computing aims at enhancing the scope, accuracy, and effect of technology services as it brags more functionality, decreased AWS bills, and adequate delivery speed – multi-cloud support.

As we all know, Serverless is a cloud computing implementation model that allows you to deploy your code into production and assigns machine resources when required. This serverless code is later used in traditional patterns like monoliths or microservices. You can also write applications purely serverless without using provisioned servers. But make sure that developers of serverless are not involved with configuration, scaling of containers, capacity planning, management, fault tolerance, and VMs or physical servers. 

Basically, serverless computing is a process of providing backend services that do not hold resources in volatile memory on an as-used basis. Serverless follows a simple process and deactivates the computing resources when an app is not in use and forms utility computing.

At last, we can say that serverless offloads all management responsibility for backend and operations tasks such as patching, provisioning, scaling, scheduling, and more. Using these serverless computing services, developers can have some more time to develop and optimize the application's front-end part and improve business logic. When the integration of serverless, microservices, and containers is done, it forms a trilogy of technologies at the core of cloud-native application development.




Top 5 Benefits of Serverless computing

1. Cost-effective

When you switch to serverless computing, you only pay for what you use. Yes, you heard it right! Developers are only liable to pay for the server space they use rather than other cloud-based models where you'll reserve space; it doesn't matter whether you're using it or not. Serverless computing can positively impact the overall IT budget such as low labor cost, no cost for maintenance and monitoring, no hardware cost, and most importantly pay as per the throughput, making it value for money. 

We can say that if you’re planning to go serverless, then it can be a proven way to reduce costs. Because here you're outsourcing the responsibilities of controlling databases, servers, and some business logic. Apart from the actual cost, serverless computing demands less computing power and several human resources to form a server from scratch on your own. However, it requires you to take care of infrastructure and focus on the server-side code that counts.

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