What are the steps to fix Firefox not working?

by Maria Garcia on Oct 29, 2019 Computers and Technology 226 Views

In this era of digitization has become like one of the very basic amenities of life. People of every age group have become obsessed with the internet for online shopping, communication, etc. Firefox is one such popularly used online platform used on desktop or system for all kind of web surfing. Developed by the Mozilla Foundation, Firefox is free and an open web browser installed in all the systems and personal computers. If you want, you can use it easily on your device. Since it’s an application running online and because of some technology therefore sometimes you will find Firefox Not WorkingThere can be countless reasons of Firefox not working or maybe crashing while working or searching for something online. The basic problems you will face while working on Firefox are easy to fix. But before finding the solution you should also know about the reasons. Hence the most common reasons of Firefox not working are listed below.

Reasons of Firefox not working:

1.While loading any page, running program crashes

2.Maybe the version of Firefox that you are running on your system has become outdated

3.Any virus detected in the device hampering the normal working of system

4.Maybe because of piled up cookies and cache memory collected in the history bar.

5.These could be the most possible reasons of Firefox Not Responding that can be resolved with the help of following solutions described in details below.

Methods to fix Firefox not responding:

1.At times applications stop running because system is hanging. In such case you can simply restart your system.

2.While browsing we visit a lot of websites and pages whose link get piled up in the history. Make sure to keep clearing it from time to time.

3.You can run Firefox in safe mode by simply going to menu button, tapping on help and then clicking on ‘re-start with add on’ and selecting safe on option.

4.Remove and re install Firefox

5.In page doesn’t load, keep refreshing it for more updates

6.You can also create a new Firefox profile in case your old one crashes completely

7.You can also check out browser internal files to see if any tab or extension is creating problems for Firefox

8.Install a good antivirus for removing all the spam and viruses.

To conclude with, you can follow all these steps to fix the issue


But if you face any issue or doubt in Firefox Not Loading Pages, then you can also contact customer support for more help.

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