Cyber Security Practices 2020: Things that Must be Done

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The technological advancements are changing the way we used to live our lives. Technological advancements have changed our lives in an unimaginative way. They have made a lot of things quite simpler and quicker. And all those good things come with a few compromises too. Technological advancements have made this world prone to Cyberthreats too. The threats from hackers, viruses, worms, ransomware, and spyware are increasing. Even in some cases, the threat may make you pay extra money too.


The hackers are targeting users in unimaginable ways. The identity of the users can get stolen and that data can be used for any malicious activities. And it places the users in the most vulnerable position. Here in this post, we will discuss a few of the most important Cybersecurity practices that can help users to keep their systems safe from all the malicious attacks. Let's discuss them one by one.


Use antivirus software

The Antivirus software works as the first line of defense against all the phishing attacks and Cyber-criminals. These days, the antivirus software is evolved quite a lot. All the credible antivirus software service providers are delivering great functionality to the users. They are employing all the latest technologies to help the users get the best out of the software. The antivirus software scan computers in real-time. They deliver the ultimate protection against the viruses and all other Cyber threats. The free version of antivirus may also be good for your wallet. But they do not provide the ultimate protection. It's better to invest in a quality antivirus for the protection of your identity and system.


Keep your operating system updated

Whatever the operating system you are using, it's better to keep them updated for better protection. Both the Leading operating system providers (Microsoft & Apple) keeps their system updated with all the latest features and protective measures for the users. With the improved protective measures, they make your system updated for the upcoming malicious threats & attacks and removes bugs from the system. And the OS updates also add several new features to the system. That is also the benefit of having the latest version of the operating system.


Avoid using pirated & cracked version of Windows and other software

The majority of the computers around the world are running on pirated versions of Windows. Computers running on pirated Windows become the favorite targets of hackers. The majority of pirated windows do not receive updates from Microsoft. And to make them work on your system, several protective layers are already blown. And they may come already infected with the viruses. And the same thing goes with the cracked software too. By installing cracked software on your system, you are giving an open invitation to Cyber-criminals to attack your system.


Use strong passwords and change them regularly

The best way to protect your online identity would be the use of a strong password. Your password should not be guessed easily by Cyber-criminals. And avoid using the names of celebrities, movies, or your loved ones as a password. Ideally, a strong password should be at least 8 to 15 characters long. Combine the password with the small and capital letters, numbers, and special characters. And for the best protection, try to change the password periodically. At least every three months. If you are a business owner, ask your employees to change their passwords every three months.


Avoid clicking malicious ads

The majority of the time, Cyber-attacks come from the internet. The safest websites may contain malicious links. Even while typing the domain name of the reputed website, the small typo will take you to the same look-alike website with malicious links. While visiting any website, make sure to avoid clicking unwanted pop-ups, ads, and graphics. One single click can infect your whole computer and make you exposed to Cyber-criminals.


The final words

We are living in the largest mash of internally connected devices. If one of your devices comes under the radar of Cyber-criminals, they may infect all of your connected devices. And it may put you in the worst position. To safeguard all our private photos, files, and banking details on our devices, the proper security measures are crucial. You must follow all the above mentioned protective steps to keep your system protected from the viruses. Remember all these points and implement them in your day to day life for the best protection from viruses.


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