The FrSky Receiver RXSR is undoubtedly one of the best receivers FrSky has ever launched

by Jessica Jackson on Nov 15, 2020 Computers and Technology 31 Views

This is the starting point of rxsr for frsky receiver. At a smaller shape factor, it provides the same full range diversity as XM +, but also provides an s.port pin that allows telemetry back to your transmitter.

Let's take a closer look at this receiver and its functions.

Frsky rxsr receiver

The frsky rxsr remote receiver is a very small full range receiver from frsky, with all the functions of their XM series receivers, but with additional s-port telemetry.

Rxsr is basically a smaller version of the once popular xSr receiver, with smaller form factor and still maintaining full range capability.

The rxsr is the smallest receiver from frsky and can complete the complete 16CH SBUs and intelligent port telemetry. This is the current de facto choice for the forsky receiver in the Mini Quad ads, as it is small and offers all the features for the racing car.

You can get your own frsky receiver rxsr from horusrc for $20

Specifications and functions

Dimensions: 16 * 11 * 5.4 mm (L * w * h)

Weight: 1.5g

Number of channels: 16CH

Working voltage range: 3.5V ~ 10V

Firmware update

Compatibility: accst D16 / access mode

Small size, light weight

Telemetry support s.port

Full range

Switchable SBUs / CPPM signal output

Support redundancy function

IPEX connector, replaceable antenna


The frsky receiver rxsr has redundancy features that help you connect two receivers in a master-slave configuration. This allows your slave receiver to work properly even if you lose the range of the master receiver, thus maintaining your control of the ship. It's a neat function when you're on a long-range flight, and it helps you protect against minor glitches.

The only drawback is that you will need two separate transmitter modules connected to each receiver. A receiver (Master) will be bound to the xjt transmitter inside your frsky radio, while the slave receiver will be connected to the external xjt module on the same radio, or you can even use a separate radio to control it.

Because of the complexity and extra cost of using it, it is only useful for long-range pilots, not racing cars or regular freestyle boats. If you often invest in remote protection devices like the R9m, I suggest.

Connect to your flight controller

In the previous article, we saw the wiring of the frsky XM + receiver. The same method is used for rxsr receiver.

Unlike XM +, the rxsr has a connector for the receiver to connect the signal and power lines, so it makes wiring a little easier.

Connect the SBUs line to the SBUs in the flight controller pad (do not connect the "SBUs input" line in the rxsr to this one, this line is used for redundant connection).

To power the receiver, you should also connect the 5V and GND pins to the corresponding pins on your flight controller. This is enough to power your receiver and provide the SBUs signal to the flight controller, but if you also need telemetry, you will need to connect the s.port pin to a free UART RX pin on the flight controller.

If you are using a F3 / F4 flight controller, you will not be able to use the s.port line directly from your rxsr receiver because the F4 and F4 boards have only one hardware inverter and cannot receive the reverse s.port signal from your receiver.

Frsky kindly opened the S. port pad on the rxsr without inversion. You should solder a small wire, very carefully to that pad and to a free UAR RX pin on your flight controller to make s.port work.

The image above shows a non inverted S. port pad, or even a non inverted SBUs pad, if you need it.

The frsky rxsr receiver is undoubtedly one of the best receivers that frsky has ever launched, because it contains many functions in a small form factor. It has become a de facto choice for my mini quads, even Mini quads, because it's so small that it can fit, wow, as well!

Rxsr is a receiver that I can recommend without hesitation. As an additional bonus, the receiver can also upgrade the new access protocol, which will make OTA update as well as!

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