FrSky Receiver X8R Pro PWM is best fixed-wings

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We will describe in detail the requirements of fixed wing receiver, which fixed wing frsky receiver is most suitable for fixed wing, its characteristics, signal output, and why you should choose the following remote receiver to build your fixed wing and fly with confidence.

What are fixed wings

Fixed wing is a kind of aircraft that generates lift by pushing the air above the wing. It uses thrusters to make the aircraft have forward airspeed. The air flowing over the wing (a special shaped wing that creates a velocity difference between above and below it) will produce an upward force on the wing itself, which will generate lift to lift the aircraft. This is different from a spinning wing aircraft, which is used to create lift.

In fact, we use the DC motor to control the forward motion of the aileron, which is almost the same as that of the DC motor.

What type of receiver is the best fixed wing

The fixed wing is usually fully manual, with no stability, because pilots prefer full control of their aircraft. Unlike four axis aircraft or other variants, the fixed wing does not need any flight controllers to keep it stable. The natural aerodynamics of the fixed wing are sufficient to keep it stable in the air.

Since remote pilots prefer to control their fixed wings completely manually, since most of the electronic devices on the aircraft use PWM signals, the receiver most suitable for this task will be one with a large number of PWM outputs.

Frsky X8R Pro PWM receiver

The X8R series receiver is undoubtedly the most widely used PWM receiver on the market. The X8R series receivers have 8 PWM outputs available, which usually exceed the standard fixed wing and also have s.bus redundancy when you want to add a redundant receiver with additional precautions.

The built-in smart port connector is useful for connecting too many sensors and outputs, such as GPS sensors, alti sensors, etc. This will give you accurate data from the ship's sensors on Taranis radio via Lua scripts.

The X8R series receiver is also a full range capability receiver, which means you can take advantage of the full range of the frsky radio, which can reach 1.5 km or more, depending on environmental conditions.

Although most pilots prefer manual control, some remote pilots like the rth (return home) feature on their aircraft, or some may prefer automatic level. For these functions, flight controllers are critical, but if they just like to have Auto level (auto stabilize), fresky has come up with a receiver that allows pilots to use Auto level in their aircraft.

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