How to Troubleshoot Brother printer paper jam error with no paper jammed problem?

by silky sogy on Nov 27, 2020 Computers and Technology 132 Views

Brother printers share a close relationship with printing the quality pictures and documents.  While using the printing services, users may come across the Brother printer paper jam error with no paper jammed issue. Here,  we would like you to tell one thing that paper jam is a very common problem and can occur in any printer anytime. So, if you encounter this issue while working on a Brother printer, then do not panic. Instead,  you can follow some simple troubleshooting steps to get rid of this issue. So,  if you are unable to print the documents using the Brother printer device due to a paper jam error, read this post. Here,  we have shared the most effective and reliable solutions to troubleshoot the problem quickly.

Wrong Printing Paper Loading

Make sure that you carefully load the paper into the printing tray. Improper placement of paper could also be the reason that is causing you paper jam issues. So,  place the paper properly in the input tray, there should be no curve or fold in the paper.




If you want to assure the excellent performance of your printer, you must use good quality and decent papers. Go for one recommended by the printer manufacturer. A Low-quality paper often causes the issue by leaving dust and debris in the printing tray.

Roller Damage

Rollers play an important role in the printing task. If your rollers are damaged your printer will surely cause the paper jam error. The prolonged roller use and excessive wear and tear cause trouble. So, replace the rollers and troubleshoot the concern.

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Brother Printer Page Jam error with no paper jammed is the most common issue users face. When it seems easy to come out of the situation, finding the right cause and the solution is stressful. Hence, we bring a brief guide with a simple solution.


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Brother Printer Page Jam is having lots of error and iam able to troubleshoot sucessfully
thankyou sir for this precious post

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