RFID Tag Can Be Used For Intelligent Tracking Management of Test Paper

by Bob Smith on May 28, 2022 Hardware 63 Views

By adopting advanced RFID automatic identification technology and computer software technology, passive RFID tag is used as information storage medium and pasted on the test paper, and the detailed information of the test paper is stored in the RFID chip. RFID reading and writing equipment is used to cooperate with the background database management system. In the circulation process of the test paper, from the printing plant to the test paper packaging, distribution, transfer station management, test center distribution and collection, Finally, the whole process information tracking to the marking center ensures the confidentiality and security of the test paper to the greatest extent.

Tags are the basis of the whole RFID system solution. In the front end, each passive tag needs to be encoded, and then bound with the test paper to complete the identification of the test paper information by the passive RFID tag.

The information items stored on the test paper label include: identification category, test paper name, test paper number, test paper security level, timeliness, storage method, test paper subject and other specific contents. The RFID tag printer initializes the card issuance and prints the tag. At the same time, barcode information can be printed on the tag.

Compared with traditional manual counting or bar code optical identification, RFID technology has the following typical advantages:

No manual intervention or contact operation is required;

Can work in various harsh working environments;

It can identify high-speed moving objects and multiple objects at the same time;

It can pass through certain obstacles and has good penetrability;

Data can be stored and rewritten repeatedly, and labels can be recycled;

High recognition accuracy;

Good security, difficult to copy;

The label is small in size, can be customized and packaged, and has wide adaptability;

The test paper tracking management system based on RFID technology establishes a safe and efficient test paper tracking management mechanism to ensure the security, confidentiality and controllability of the test paper information, provide a fair candidate platform for all candidates, make full use of the advantages of RFID technology, and completely change the criticism in the existing management process.

Oprfid technology is a manufacturer of passive  RFID tags. It mainly supplies RFID self-adhesive tags of various specifications and anti metal tags used in various scenarios. At the same time, it also produces RFID tag printers to meet the printing and application of RFID tags in various industries. For details, please call us.

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