Do You Want To Connect The Printer To The Netgear Orbi Router? Here Are Some Tips And Tricks

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There are multiple ways to connect the Orbi router to the printer. One is via wired and another one is through a wireless medium. We will discuss both the ways in this post. Pay close attention to each and every step.

How to connect through wire

Connect the Printer to the Orbi login router with the help of USB cable provided in the box. You can also purchase it individually. Plug one end of the cable to the USB port of printer and another to the back of Orbi router. Join the router network from the computer station and link the printer with the same network.

Steps for connecting wirelessly

To connect your printer without wire, Check the type of Encryption installed on your printer and match it with the router. If there is WPA or CCMP type encryption in the printer or is pre-installed, then you can’t connect it to the Orbi. You can resolve this problem by updating the drivers online on the computer and try to connect the router now.

Do remove all the previous settings and information if stored any in the printer before connecting to the Orbi router. This will otherwise create a problem or interference in the network.

How to get the signal report of your router?

After the printer gets connected to the router, you can start using printer without linking it physically to any computer. The printing job will be done on the basis of network speed and strength. If you are facing problem in printing, then get the speed and the status checked online through the speed test link. If required, change the direction and location of the router to get maximum signal strength.

How to check the signal quality through the app?

  • Open the Orbi app.
  • Open Netgear device from the list.
  • Check the speed of the router.
  • If requested, enter the connection type in the space given.

If you have connected the devices using wired network, then no need to select type of connection. Change the placement of router if there is any speed or signal strength issue. If the problem still exists, then contact Internet service providers and get the issue diagnosed from their end.

All the settings including the bandwidth will be showcased on the screen from where you can match with the reference levels. If there is any mismatch in the values, you can troubleshoot the problem accordingly or contact Netgear experts through a phone call. The Orbi experts are different from that of normal routers and switches.

By connecting the printer to the network, the hectic of connecting the individual devices or computer to the printer can be averted and you can print the documents through a single click from the respective device. The steps for connecting the printer to the Orbi router Login are discussed here. We hope you find these steps helpful and surely provide feedback in this regard. Yes, if you are having difficulty using any feature or functions of router, then don’t hesitate to contact the customer support experts.




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