Head Model is the most commonly used props in clothing stores

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Costume shooting props can be divided into equipment props and decorative props. Equipment and props are nothing more than cameras, people, lighting and so on. These things can be regarded as necessary for shooting, I'm sure you know. There are more decorative props, such as vases, flowers, picture books, furniture and so on, which can make the environment look better. Don't you often see those very artistic clothes shooting on taobao? This is how props are used. The main body of the costume shooting is still the costume, and the small decorative props only serve as a foil. Some big brands choose not to use these decorations when shooting the exhibition, so that the whole picture can better show the details of the costume. Let's talk about prop display first.
Items on display is a widely used method of auxiliary refers to the model with the aid of various materials, such as stents, plate and frame to display goods, such as, jewelry display, cosmetics showcase/cabinet, clothing display rack, stainless steel. Clock display/ark, glasses display shelf, island, water table, relies on a wall, etc. Display republic has a course to learn how to use costumes and props. Here are some types and functions of display items.

Display props 1, models, people stage
Models are the most commonly used props in clothing stores. Mannequin Head Model is often used when we want to show the dressing sense and matching way of clothes. Mannequin models also have a variety of facial expressions and poses, which can be selected based on the products and concepts they appeal to. Models from different manufacturers have their own features in expressions and poses, including realistic dummies, sculpted figurines, and articulated figurines that move their joints freely. Models from many brands have unique names. In addition to the mannequin, rentai is also active in major shopping malls. Person stage, it is to point to the humanoid stage that does not have a head, hand, foot, also began to use the person stage that has a hand in recent years. The line of the platform is very concise, which can highlight the quality of the clothes in the complicated window and create the drape of the clothes. There are more possibilities in the modeling, unlike the mannish model, which is only limited to one pose. The platform is very suitable for hanging, to create a light and delicate atmosphere.

Display props 2, Display stage and cabinet
The purpose of using the display desk during the presentation of VP is to show the difference between the display and display of other goods, so as to improve the striking effect and visual impact effect. Generally speaking, in order to show the tension of the store, the display desk will be used as the emphasis. There are many types of display platforms, such as wood products, molded products, quadrangles, round or fan shaped, platforms covered with pile blankets or higher types, which can be selected according to different purposes. Sometimes the platform is also used to display special products, discounted products or eye-catching products.
Display cabinet also has glass display cabinet, open display cabinet, wooden display cabinet and so on. Glass display cabinets are generally used to display valuables, and appear more upscale under the light. In addition to these, there are also vertical hangers, trays, hat racks, shirt racks, baskets and storage boxes. Since these items will come into direct contact with the merchandise, it is essential to use appliances that match the characteristics and size of the merchandise and are clean in appearance. If it is dirty, damaged or not suitable for displaying the features of the product, it will detract from the value of the product.

Display props 3. Atmosphere props
In order to create the atmosphere of commodity display, add the change of commodity composition, we must use some small props, such as pillars, flowers, ornaments, etc., are very suitable to create an atmosphere.However, these props are only a supporting role to assist the display of goods. The purpose is to set off the character of the main character and create an atmosphere. Therefore, they should be used to a minimum if necessary.If want to make seasonal feeling, should use the basic element that is full of atmosphere of this season, spring USES flowers and plants, green plant, can extend a lot of atmosphere prop to come again on these basic elements.The swing that plaits with flowers and plants, place model again, the twig of both sides makes the feeling of picture frame.The whole lavender oil painting is used as the background, which is both seasonal and artistic.

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