Got an idea for a mobile app? Here is what you should do

by Nicky James on Apr 8, 2021 Mobile 37 Views

With Custom Software and mobile app development, and ease of access proliferating the market really well, there is a steady stream of creative ideas flowing in the marketplace. Computer programmer is a job that is quite in and lucrative these days, and it is also quite a commitment.


Some find learning coding and code writing easy, some challenging and some hard. Those who are enjoying this discipline can head to Google to see that there are numerous companies willing to make their vision.


There are a few things to get this going. First and foremost, capital. No custom app maker will develop this for free. Regardless of app ideas present, you need to have money to get the work going. Do share the profits with the app maker, or you’re history.


Here are some things to follow when it comes to making an app once an idea is finalized:

User Testing

This is a sample matter of talking to people like friends and colleagues about this idea. The idea here is that rudimentary testing the app idea would be useful and impactful. Unless and until people are asked about the app, no developer will ever find out how it should be.


One the idea has merit, it is time to get funding. No one in the commercial marketplace will build the app for free whether the idea is that great or it sucks bad. A lot of good app ideas out there will be found floating in the middle of the air. If app development firms start jumping at them then not only will they close because they’ll go broke but also the industry will become non-existent.


It is simple math. Good ideas for apps are equivalent to starting a restaurant. Stats have proven that approximately 95 percent of restaurants fail in their first two years. This is no different than the good idea business.

Raising funds

Capital is necessary for a mobile app. Also, approaching venture capitalists are hard to approach and it would be wise to approach them with care. If an idea for the app goes really well, check bank accounts and equity in the mortgage. Why? Because most people with good app ideas self-fund their app to get it going.


This however ain’t worth it.


Ensure everyone is on board and consulted, before any action is taken with personal finances. Reality check, there are 95 percent chances that the app failed because of who brought the app’s idea. This can be held true when soliciting funding from friends and family, they should be ready for an event of failure.


Investors will scrutinize the app idea and regardless of how well the app owner pitches it, the app should be strong enough to give investors a good return for their bucks. Else, it's a no-go zone to venture it.


Once the funding has been secured to get the things started, the app idea owner can move on to contact a firm of app development Toronto, or go forward with outsourcing, or nearshoring the app’s development. A lot of overseas countries have firms promising to make apps for ridiculously low prices and that can be a potential red flag.

Looking for the development partner

To find the right development partner, meeting app development firms’ owners, their partners, developers, project managers, marketers and other key personnel helps really well. The company should be checked on LinkedIn and if most of their employees are based overseas, then that is a big red flag.


A lot of app owners and owners of app ideas will get a lot of calls from business visionaries across various industries with stories about going frugal and creating vision offshore. Well, development in native Canada will cost more but will provide apps and software of very good quality.

Engaging with a software developer for the app development project

Once those challenges are overcome, now is the time to engage with a software developer. App owners must do their research, learn about process, about the deliverables, the tiing and the like. When app owners are prepared and meet the developers, the better they will fare.


The best development partner is the one that does not jot down points only. They offer their opinions, advice, direction and some criticism to ensure both parties are in the right direction.


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