Various Applications Of IoT Sensors

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Due to the growth and demand, the IoT sensors grow more powerful as well as energy efficient in the last few years. NB-IoT is an increasingly popular method of creating a system of interconnected devices with high functioning speed, long-lasting battery life, and top-notch functioning. The IoT device manufacturers in China offer high quality sensor that can be used for various applications. There are many types of IoT sensors and an even greater number of applications and use cases. Here we have mentioned a few uses of IoT sensors.

Optical Sensors

Optical sensors convert rays of light into electrical signals. There are many applications and use cases for optical sensors. In the auto industry, vehicles use optical sensors to recognize signs, obstacles, and other things that a driver would notice when driving or parking. Optical sensors play a big role in the development of driverless cars. Optical sensors are very common in smart phones. For example, ambient light sensors can extend battery life. Optical sensors are also used in the biomedical field including breath analysis and heart-rate monitors.

Humidity Sensors

Some IoT device manufacturers use it as humidity sensors that measure the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere of air or other gases. Humidity sensors are commonly found in heating, vents and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in both industrial and residential domains. They can be found in many other areas including hospitals, and meteorology stations to report and predict weather.

Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors measure the amount of heat energy in a source, allowing them to detect temperature changes and convert these changes to data. Machinery used in manufacturing often requires environmental and device temperatures to be at specific levels. Similarly, within agriculture, soil temperature is a key factor for crop growth.

Pressure Sensor

A pressure sensor is a device that coverts pressure into an electric signal. Here, the amount depends upon the level of pressure applied. Deployment of these sensors is not only very useful in manufacturing, but also in the maintenance of whole water systems and heating systems, as it is easy to detect any fluctuation or drops in pressure.

Materials Sensors

Many applications for health, safety, agricultural and environmental automation require specific fluid and gas sensors, such as those to detect a chemical presence or carbon dioxide, oxygen, water level or humidity.

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