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by Patrika Jones on Sep 20, 2021 Software 141 Views

If you are a new user of amazon or an old one who doesn't know about the amazing deals that Amazon has been offering then you are in for a treat. As we are going to unveil some of the secrets that will be difficult for you to believe so don't skip any of the details that I'm going to share in this article.

This link shown above is key to the magical wonderland of discounting coupons and mind-boggling offers as by visiting it you will be one step closer to a wonderful journey ahead. 

Through can access the prime membership of amazon which will allow you to get access to the new exclusive deals that are only made for you with free home delivery, and a yearly subscription to Amazon Prime Videos, music, movies, television shows, and games so you that you will never have to leave your comfort zone.

There is two sales option that prime users get from amazon:

Yellow Label Sale

As a prime user whatever price is the non-prime user paying to amazon for some stuff, you will get an extra 10% off with the free delivery, so you get a good saving there. For example, if a non-prime user is getting a product that is about 100.00 $ with shipping charges extra, you will get that only on 90.00 $ not bad right.

Not amazed yet! Wait for the next one.

Blue label Sale

Blue label sales are the once, which might come occasionally but it is exclusively made for the prime customers, and changes from account to account as they are personalized as per the choice of the user. 

Blue label sale is like the sale on Black Friday, but way cheaper and easy-going as you do not need to wait in a line for hours or push your way over another person to get the stuff you need.

The process to use your newfound discounts is very simple, so you shouldn’t have to adjust your shopping needs too much. If you don’t normally shop at Amazon, it might not be enough to get you to start, but if you’re already a regular customer, these discounts might make a huge difference in the monthly budget for your house. 

Yes, ladies, the last one's for you as if you save some bucks from each shopping you can get yourself a gift from the monthly savings that you made from Amazon, and no one will get suspicious.

Still not getting the point I want to make then just visit our website at and try the free trial for a month, you will never regret your decision. If you have any problems with the login process you can chat with our support executive regarding anything you need to know.

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