What Is The Process Of Updating Garmin GPS Maps Free Of Cost?

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Garmin is a renowned device for delivering excellent GPS features. When you have a device like Garmin at your disposal, you will not get off route easily. Garmin GPS devices offer the most accurate maps, which let you stay on the right path so as to reach your destination on time and without any issue. Garmin GPS devices are available for different modes of conveyance, and they all work seamlessly.

However, GPS can malfunction at times because maps don’t update on a daily basis. Moreover, construction activities take place every day, so it is very easy for GPS to miss the newly designed roads and structures, which then, create problems for people who follow those GPS services. A good thing about Garmin devices is that they are very quick and efficient when it comes to updating their database. They quickly roll out updates for their devices so that their users don’t get onto the wrong route just because they were following an outdated map. Now, it becomes the responsibility of users to download those updates for their devices so as to avoid getting lost during their commute.

A number of Garmin models come with lifetime garmin nuvi  maps, which means the maps will keep on updating free of cost till the time the person uses the device. It is always better to select this particular version. If a user purchase ‘lifetime maps’ option in the US, then the free upgrade will only work in the US. If the ‘lifetime maps’ option was bought in some other country, then the free upgrade will only be available in that particular country.

Here is how you can check the Garmin GPS software and garmin map updates:

  1. Begin with downloading ‘Garmin Express’ software.
  2. Install the software on your computer.
  3. Connect your Garmin device to your computer using a USB cable.
  4. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

Once you are done with the initial procedure, your Garmin will check for updates and one of the two things will happen.

  1. You will get the right software upgrade.
  2. You will be entitled to map and garmin software updates.

When it comes to storing maps, you should use a microSD card because the inbuilt space of the device is always less.

Garmin also allows you to purchase the map upgrade version, which will cost you around $90, so many people won’t consider it a viable option. There are many options when it comes to updating the maps of your Garmin device, so you can choose the option that suits you the best.

In case, you have installed the map updates, but are still seeing old maps, then you can take the help of Garmin tech support facility to find out the reason behind this problem along with its solution. If you are not able to download and/or install the maps, even then, you can consult Garmin experts who will then assist you with the issue.

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