Are Chrome Extensions Safe? All the Things You Need to Know

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These days, Nearly every Internet user is using Chrome extension. Everyone has at least one chrome extension installed on their laptop or desktops. But have you ever wondered, are Chrome extensions really safe? Chrome extensions can add so many new functionalities in your Chrome web browser. With all the usability and functionality, a greater risk of privacy intimidation also comes to your computers. Today, we are going to talk about, are Chrome extensions safe? All the things you need to know will be discussed thoroughly down below.


There are so many web browsers that exist in the market. However, due to the extraordinary ecosystem and syncing functionalities provided by Google, Chrome holds the largest market cap. More than 55% of internet users are using Google Chrome for web browsing. Now let's discuss, what are the Chrome extensions and why do we need them?


What are the Chrome extensions? and Why do we need them?

Chrome extensions are small programs that can be installed in your Chrome web browsers to add certain unique functionality to the Chrome web browser. You get unique usability and functionality features in your web browser. They can enhance the overall user experience of web browsing.


Chrome extensions can be installed from the Chrome Web store. They can be used to fulfill so many requirements. They can be used to block unnecessary ads, there are extensions to track your emails, there are extensions to manage your login ID and password for all of your accounts. The extensions add exceptional functionality to your Web browser. They improve your productivity by limiting the total time or by making it easier to perform a particular task.



What are the security threats form Chrome extensions?

As we discussed above Chrome extensions can perform so many tasks. But, In doing so, they can have access to every particular task you perform on your browser. They may know all the websites you are visiting, your banking details, your passwords, and login details. They can irritate you by showing unnecessary or inappropriate ads or may redirect your search traffic. In even worse situations, they put you in vulnerable conditions. If your data goes into the wrong hands, you may possess an extreme security threat.


In short, your privacy can be totally compromised by blindly using Chrome extensions. Now, the question that may arise in anyone's mind is, why Google is not taking any actions against them? Google has created a permission system to limit the amount of information they collect from your browser. But as a user, we don't really focus on permissions. We just carelessly install extensions and putting our identity to the risk. Google is doing all in its power to stop it, but that's not considerably enough.


What can you do to protect yourself from this security theft?

Many of extension may put your privacy at risk but not all of them. There are numerous extensions, that can help you perform so many tasks better and easier. There are few things which you should know before installing any extension. We can give attention to the list of the information they will fetch from your browser. We can perform a bit of the research for the developer of the extensions before installing. There many ways to protect yourself from this security theft. Let's discuss different ways to protect your self from this security theft.



Few primary precautionary steps

These are the few primary preventive steps that can help you to protect your self from security theft. Don't use dozens of extensions. Eventually, it increases security risk. They also affect the overall performance of your computer. Use extension from the official Chrome Web Store only. Do not use extension directly, unless you know who created them or you know their credibility.


Check the credibility of the developer

Before installing any extension this is a very crucial step. If the developers of the extensions are trustworthy or well-known brands then we can use them without security doubts. For the Chrome Web Store, the name of the developers will be given just down below the name of the extension.


There will be a hyperlink given with the name of the developers. Click on that link, it will take you to the website of the developers. The credible developers will have a website, which shows their past work, their skill sets, their expertise, testimonials or any piece of information which proves their credibility. If you don't find any of this, don't worry. There many more ways to decide whether to install this extension or not.



When you install the extension, there will be a popup that will show you what information it will fetch from your browser after installation. Put attention to all the information they ask for. If it asks for the information which they don't even need, then there is a great chance of your data gathering or security theft. Use your simple reasoning and senses to understand if they don't need particular information, then why would they even ask for it. If a birthday reminder extension is asking for all of your browsing data then you should better not use that.


If any extension that you are already using is suddenly asking for new security permission, that's not a good indication too. This happens if the extension is hijacked or the original owners of that extension might have sold that extension. New owners will increase their profits by showing unnecessary ads or will start doing malicious activities. If anything similar to this happens, remove that extension form your browser.


User reviews

In this digital age, many of the developers can buy or produce fake reviews. It becomes really easy to produce positive reviews and 5-star ratings. If you find so many positive reviews with similarly written sentences don't consider them. There will be a few user reviews that are addressing a genuine issue, developers can solve them by updates. If you find numerous reviews addressing the same serious issue or the various reviews complaining about data theft. You better leave that extension behind.



This was our guide regarding the safety of Chrome and spread awareness for the security of your privacy. We hope that we helped you to understand this serious issue. Use your browser to the fullest with a trustworthy extension. Don't put your personal space at risk by using malicious extensions.


At Softpulse Infotech we create a remarkably good functional Chrome extension development. Accelerate the overall workflow of your business by getting a functional Chrome extension custom made for your business needs. And please don't forget to drop a comment down below, if you found this article informational.


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