What Brand of Wig Supplies is of Good Quality and How to Choose?

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There are many brands of Wig supplies, but the key to choosing a wig lies in three points: hair quality, hair base and hairstyle. There are roughly two types of wig hair quality, real hair and fiber hair, but there are more to subdivide them. Real human hair includes braided hair, shaved hair, foamed hair, colored hair, etc. Hair quality determines Whether the wig is soft, not easy to become frizzy, and the luster of the hair is very important.

Some businesses will choose to make wig supplies with low-standard real people, so that they can attract consumers at a much lower price than ours. In fact, most of them bully hair friends who don’t know about wigs. To know the price of different hair quality, the difference is not even a little bit!
Soaked hair and colored hair are some hair collected from barber shops. The hair is messy, yellow and dull, and the split ends are inelastic. The effect of the wigs made can be imagined. Therefore, the price of wigs is very cheap. To.
 How to choose real hair wig supplies?

High-end wigs generally use unperm-dyed young girls' straight braids. As the name suggests, they are braids cut from young women. These hair strands are rich in nutrients, and the head and tail are not reversed, and the hair quality is basically the same. So when making wigs It only needs to be straightened out and disinfected to use. The wigs made are black and shiny, shiny and elastic, and often even better than ordinary people's hair, so they look particularly real.
Therefore, if you are pursuing a sense of reality, choose a wig with a smooth braid.
The bottom of the hair almost follows the same principle. The bottom of the hair is preferably made of light and breathable material, which is also related to the production process of the wig.
Wig crafts are roughly divided into two kinds, woven and hand-woven, but the subdivision can also be divided into many kinds, half-woven half-hand-knit, ordinary single-net hand-knit, artificial needle transfer technology and so on. The more refined the craftsmanship, the more simulated, the more man-hours are naturally consumed, and the higher the price will naturally be!
What brand of wig is of good quality and how to choose?

In addition to hair quality and hair craftsmanship, hairstyles are often overlooked, but they are really important. If you want a wig to look good, the hairstyle must match your own image characteristics and face shape, so that the wig will be naturally invisible and show no traces after wearing it, but this can't be done by just looking for a barber shop. The trimming of the wig is the same as normal hair. There are still differences in the pruning, which requires professional training.

Another human wig supplies have a long service life, and they often need to trim their hair or care for wigs. Finding a professional wig store can solve many after-sales problems. Therefore, what brand of wig is of good quality is not the key, the key is to learn how to choose a suitable wig for yourself!

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