Complement Your Spouse by Wearing Both Your Engagement & Wedding Bands

by Donnell Dean on Jun 2, 2021 Fashion 26 Views

Choosing the metal

Usually, the brides prefer the same metal for both rings as it creates a pleasing and well-coordinated look. Both 2mm gold wedding band and engagement rings have the same wearability and hence complement each other.

However, mixing and matching metals is also a wise thought. This renders a modernistic yet trendy look, making the band seem more special. You can also add anniversary rings each year.

Choosing the metals depends on your personal preference, but make sure that the metals are durable. Also, the rings that you choose should be made of metals that have the same hardness. This prevents the softer ring from being scratched by the harder rings. For example, a hard metal like platinum can wear down gold and silver easily.

Should my wedding band be flush fit?

It is a matter of choice if you want your 2mm wedding band to sit flush against your engagement rings. Most women don't like to have a gap between two bands and think that it destroys the overall look.

There are no conditions that state that the two rings should be of the same shape and size and fit against each other. You can keep the gap between the two bands and wearing rings of different shapes and styles.

However, if your engagement ring includes a large gemstone like a pear or marquise, then it's a good idea to get a contoured wedding ring. This will ensure that your wedding ring is visible and there is a gap between the two rings.

You should note that the width of the ring may not fit to scale and can vary.

Here are some trends that have been seen over the years. Each person has a unique shape of their fingers as per their personal style, and make sure to choose the one that fits you. It would be better to see the jewellery and try them in person to know if you like it on your own hands, so we recommend you go to a jewellery store where you can get several options of jewellery.

  • 1.5mm: It is very delicate, and you shouldn't choose anything thinner than this.
  • 2mm: Narrow, perfect if you want a thin band against your engagement ring.
  • 3mm (Spaghetti): Classic width fits nicely next to an engagement ring but is also quite heavy to be worn on its own.
  • 4mm: Medium, it is normal for men who want a slimmer band or women who do not wear an engagement ring.
  • 5mm (Linguine): it is a traditional men's wedding band, but many women also choose to wear this.
  • 6mm (Fettuccine): it is usually wide, bold and solid.

Are you wearing both engagement and wedding bands?

Traditionally, a 2mm gold wedding band is worn on the third finger of your left hand along with the engagement ring. This is a common way to wear rings, but there are also other ways.

One creative way is to wear two thin wedding rings, one on either side of the engagement ring. This enhances the look of the engagement ring. Focus on your gemstones as it gives your ring a dynamic and stacked appearance.

There is also a way in which you wear the engagement ring on the right hand and the wedding ring on the left. This adds sparkle to your hands. 

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