Ecological And Natural Beauty Products Are Becoming More And More Popular.

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Beauty products is a very popular product and you can build a profitable online business. However, to do this, you need to organize everything correctly, because there is a long way to go from idea to expected output. First, you need to choose the right strategy and plan each step.

Identify your segment

It is better to open a beauty products store online and sell only a few but popular products, rather than all products at once. This method avoids direct competition with large online stores, because in this case, it is possible to create a website and marketing strategy for a specific target audience, so that the cost is lower and the conversion rate is higher.

You need to find a niche market in an increasingly popular product group and have a large audience. It is relatively easy to do this. The main thing is not to trust advertisements and articles, such as "Top 10 Trends in 2021", because they are usually wrong (or native advertisements).

For example, according to such articles, ecological and natural beauty products are becoming more and more popular. However, if we use Google Trends to see what people are looking for on the Internet, we will see a different situation.

In fact, this market segment has declined within 10 years. The reason is simple: First of all, customers will ask, "Give us something free of sulfate and benzoate." Next time they say, "I don't comb my hair well enough with this environmentally friendly brand. Give me L'Oreal." At least it works. " In addition, natural beauty products are long and difficult: "First, you rub tar and coconut oil on your head, then rinse it five times and comb it for half an hour. With ordinary shampoo, I wash my hair and dry it with a hair dryer. It looks good, so I went to work."

Sustainable development is appreciated in words, but in practice - simple.

Another example is that in the past few years, the skin knowledge movement seems to be increasingly popular. These consumers understand the ingredients of beauty products and deal with them from a scientific perspective, namely the followers of evidence-based beauty products. In fact, this trend is disappearing.

The key is that skin intellectuals, ecological beauty products, natural beauty products, etc. (such as v-beauty products) are all marketing, and behind them are some brands that use this "trend" to promote their products.

When looking for profitable niche markets, you should rely only on analytical tools: search queries and sales statistics.

Select a business model for a store

The next step in opening an online store is to choose a business model. Most popular:Dropshipping. 
An intermediary type in which the buyer first places an order in an online store, and then the seller purchases products from suppliers or manufacturers and sends them to the end customer. In this scheme, stores do not need warehouses and complex logistics. Profit is formed by the difference between the price of goods purchased from suppliers and the price sold to customers.

Benefits of the business model:

Such an online store is easy to start;

This is a small enough budget to start;

The lowest transaction cost.

manufacturer. It is cheaper and easier to create your own website than to open physical outlets or find retailers to sell. The profit of sales through the market is also low, because they need to provide 10-30% of the profit.

Benefits of the business model:

You can decide the value of the goods at your own discretion;

You control all processes from production to delivery;

Difficult, expensive and risky, but you can build your own franchise.

agency. You buy a product, store it in a warehouse, and then sell it through your online store. It is more complex and expensive to transport, but you can control the quality of goods, their compliance and delivery process.

Benefits of the business model:

Drop shipping is more complex and expensive, but this way can greatly reduce the risks related to the delay of goods in the customs and the breakdown of bulk carriers;

You can establish closer communication with customers.

White label. The product is produced by one company without label or brand, and then sold under the brand of another company, while the other company just sticks their label on it. Most commonly, they sell perfume, shampoo, gel and other liquids that can be easily packaged in their own brand containers.

Benefits of the business model:

Do not engage in production, but also create their own unique brand;

You can set your own boundaries, even 1000% (this is not uncommon).

Select products and suppliers to sell

Product Search. Once you have selected your niche market and business model, you can start looking for specific product names for your online stores and the suppliers that sell them. You can find them in several ways.

For example, if your target is the United States, Amazon's best seller list is convenient. There, you can find products recognized by buyers in your niche market.

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