Making These Beauty Products Yourself Rather Than Buying Them.

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Although I am glad that more and more companies are now producing safer beauty products, the prices of these products are unacceptable. I have some natural beauty products that I bought from the store. Now I have found them. I can't live without them (such as this one), but it helps to save money on other products and make them at home.

If the idea of making your own beauty products or lotion makes you confused, just like I did, start... One formula at a time. The following seven recipes are very simple and fast. In fact, if there are only 7 common DIY beauty ingredients in your cabinet, you can DIY more than 20 beauty products!

If you are not ready, you can consider making these beauty products yourself rather than buying them:


I admit, I don't think homemade deodorants will work. I tried the natural version, but it didn't work well, so I didn't have much hope. However, if you want to avoid using aluminum and other cancer related additives in your armpit (not to mention hindering the natural function of sweating), switching to natural deodorants is an important health step.

To my surprise, this recipe is very easy to use, very cheap and easy to make.

Just coconut oil, baking soda, optional sesame oil and shea butter, you can make deodorant that suits your body.

There are two ways to make a smooth deodorant. You can also make a deodorant stick with the same materials.

Are you allergic to baking soda, or have you had a rash after trying it before? Try a simple magnesium oil spray as a deodorant, it's very effective!

Make up

There are many chemicals in cosmetics. Many women put them on their faces every day. single. A day of. Changing your eating habits will help improve your skin, so you don't need makeup, but it is possible to make natural cosmetics from non-toxic and even edible ingredients in the kitchen!

The following is my usual recipe for homemade cosmetics. They include foundation make-up, Bronzer / powder blusher, eyeliner and eye shadow, and even eye black!


There are many recipes for self-made lotion on the Internet, and you can definitely find one that suits you. Personally, I prefer liquid free lotion or lotion stick because they can last for a long time and are very moisturizing.

As long as you use simple raw materials such as coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and beeswax, you can make various lotion.

As you can see, once you learn how to make them, lotion sticks have many uses! These are very thoughtful gifts.

Sea salt hair gel

My hair is so thin and thin that it's hard to take care of it. I like the feeling of my hair on the beach, which has more texture and volume. This simple spray is a solution for me to keep the beach shape at home.

It is not a hair gel, it can fix the hair (this natural formula can do this), but when sprayed on the hair and kneaded into a ball, it will increase the volume and texture of the hair, making the hair feel thicker. This sea salt fog is also completely natural and very cheap to make.

Dry shampoo

Back to the hairiness problem! Fine hair emits oil faster than coarse or thick hair. If I don't want to wash my hair with shampoo every day (which is not good for it), I must find a way to lighten the greasy feeling of my hair.

This simple dry cleaning shampoo works better than the one bought in the store (in my opinion), and does not contain aerosols or chemicals. It's a powder, not a spray. I think it's best to apply it to the root of your hair with a makeup brush. Do you have black hair? There is a solution to black hair dry shampoo that makes it look like you're wearing a gray wig!

If you have arrowroot or cornstarch, you can make this recipe!

Physical Intern Feng Yun

Body scrubs like salt and sugar scrubs sell for $20 or more in stores, which is crazy because you can make them for less than a dollar! These are great gifts to make your skin very soft.

There are countless kinds of scrubs, but these are my favorite two:

DIY Sugar Scrub

Self made magnesium body scrub

Once you have mastered these, you can try some interesting changes and smells, such as vanilla latte sugar scrub or these lovely sugar scrubs.

Facial Cleanser/Rinse

Cleansing and moisturizing products are one of the most expensive products on the market. This is a natural substitute. They are not only comparable fields, but also better!

After switching to the natural oil cleaning method, my skin has completely improved. No acne, no dry skin, I have the softest skin. The basic concept is to use oil to remove impurities, not coarse soap. This can avoid removing the natural oil on the face and make the skin more nutritious.

Here's how to clean oil and how to incorporate it into natural skin care procedures.

In Emily Blain's podcast interview, learn more about why you want to use sustainable ingredients, what are the problems with your personal care products, and how to create sustainable and ethical products.

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