Silk Top Lace Wig Comfortable and Breathable

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The following are the specifications of this men's hair system: Basic design, Infused with thin skin men’s wigs and matched with silk top lace wig.

In fact, wigs are composed of many different types of bottom materials, which are also human wigs, because the bottom materials are different into lace, Silk top lace wig, PU, ​​mono, skin...

Basic size 8 feet x 10 feet (cannot be reduced to less than 7.5 inches x 9 inches)
 Base material color transparent thin leather + silk lace wig
  Front profile standard A shape
 Available in multiple colors
 Hair length v 5 inches
 Medium-light hair density
 Hair type 100% human hair
Curly and wavy 30 mm
Hair direction freestyle
Natural appearance, durable, no knots, comfortable and breathable, free design
Silk Lace Wig|A men's hair system infused with thin skin, with French lace and diamond lace
Product number: real silk lace wig

For those who are looking for a knotless hair system and feel very comfortable at the same time, silk lace wigs are a better choice. Super durable and long-lasting, very user-friendly and economical.

The best help guide to the kinds of wigs you would like is here now. If you wish to purchase a wig, you have to view it!

Many of us are acquainted with wigs, but which is the classification of wigs? So many people are puzzled. Some wigs can be bought for just a couple of many dollars, while some are greater than a couple of 1000 dollars.

Exactly why is the space between your same wigs just too large? How can we pick the wig that meets us? Actually, wigs are only a general term for hair products.

When we divide them based on materials, workmanship, styles, routes, etc., wigs could be split into dozens or countless types, or maybe more, so if you wish to purchase a wig, yes It's important to know this understanding, it enables you to definitely buy appropriate products in a cheap cost.

Classification of wigs

Indexed by material

Wigs could be split into real hair, chemical fiber hair, animal hair, and mixed hair. Every type of hair has its own pros and cons. For instance, precisely the same real hair could be split into straight braided hair, colored hair, and foamed hair. Etc. Chemical fiber hair could be split into hot temperature silk, ordinary silk, and so forth.

Divided by production method

It may be split into woven hair, semi-woven hair, and full hands woven hair. Woven locks are full of machine-created wig, that is lower in cost, unsatisfactory in authenticity, heavy, and poor in air permeability.

Knot, and also the hand's locks are crocheted purely by hands, silk top lace wig has the options of high fidelity, good air permeability, and comfy putting on. The semi-woven locks are considered backward and forward.

The above-mentioned two groups ought to be stated as the two most significant methods for dividing.

Additionally, the kinds of silk top lace wig may also be divided from the requirements of the utilization and also the appropriate people. Based on the group of hair products. It may be split into clockwork, hair block, hairpiece, hair cover, bangs, as well as other derived groups.

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