Basic things to know about your stylish shearling jacket

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Authentic shearling dressing items are quite expensive. In fact this range of stylish winter garments is no less an investment. Thus you have to pay a little more care and attention to this variety of clothing compared to that of any other fabric. One of the best things about this item is it lasts real long even with minimum care and maintenance. Usually damages to shearling clothing items involve loss of the natural softness and insulating capacity.

Thus you need to be a little more conscious and cautious while this variety of winter garments. But before we proceed any further, let us quickly go through few basic facts about this popular fabric.

Also known as lambskin the range of clothing items is often passed over from one generation to another as family heirloom. This proves how reliable it is in terms of durability.
The item offers sufficient warmth, insulation and comfort in extreme cold. As such it is ideal for harsh chilly climatic zones where the temperature stays below the ice point for moths together.   

How does the item offer so much warmth and comfort?

The inner layer of any lambskin clothing item bears the soft wool. The outer layer is made of suede leather. These contrasting dual layers offer excellent insulation to keep you warm and cozy even in bitter cold climates. In addition to that the fabric breathes naturally, just like any other natural fabric. 

Taking care of your lambskin dresses

Stains look shabby on this range of clothing merchandises. But how do you remove stains? Let us explore a few tips in the following section. 

Before discussing stain removal you should know that mainly 3 types of stains are found on lambskin clothing items. You should recognize the type of stain correctly before taking care of it.

Raindrops or light spots: If you have been caught in a rainstorm just leave your favorite lambskin coat on a hanger in a shady place with sufficient flow of natural air. This is the best way to dry your winter jacket. Designers crafting shearling coats for women suggest, once the dress gets fully dried on its own spray impregnating spray over it.

Greasy stains: Getting rid of this kind of stain is little challenging. Before applying anything else do use a piece of chalk on the stain. Chalk absorbs oil; make sure to choose a chalk in the color of the garment. Sprinkle the chalk on the tainted area before brushing it off. You may have to repeat this procedure several times before noticing any positive effect. Once the stain is gone, spray impregnating spray over the winter dressing item.

Getting rid of other spots:

 Raindrops and grease are not the only stains that your lambskin coats may pick up. Such stains have to be dealt with in different way. For example, if your jacket has suede-finish, consider taping it to remove such stains. Use a piece of tape to cover the stain and then just pull it off. This way you get rid of both the stain and the dirt accumulated at that surface. But never ever consider rubbing on stains. Once you do that you rub the stain into the costly apparel. Once the stain gets removed, apply impregnation spray over it for a touchup.

Basic care manual

Avoid the sun – Never ever leave your lambskin dress at a place directly exposed to sunlight. You should not even place it behind a glass screen to protect from direct rays of the sun. Sunlight fades away the color. You should rather always leave this range of clothing item in the shade.

Impregnation sprays and solutions – Give your stylish shearling jacket a treatment of impregnation spray every time before wearing. This can be the same product you apply on your leather jackets and suede shoes.

The two mentioned above are the most basic tips. There are other tips too that prove helpful. 

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