7 Ways to Wear Jeans

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7 Ways to Wear Jeans

As the four seasons will not be absent of the foundation of single article -- jeans, every time go out can not think of wearing what, always will be easy to put on it first, and then casually collocation a jacket can go out easily.

While jeans are easy to wear, it's also easy to look "just plain" and generic. How can you look stylish and good in this season of preparations for summer?

Today, the micro sauce will share with you the early summer "jeans" 7 collocation ideas, I hope you also have inspiration and help.

Idea 1: Jeans and an "elegant style" shirt

Durable and versatile jeans belong to the casual style. If you match them with the same casual style, they are the casual and comfortable ones that are common in everyday life, such as jeans and T-shirts.

But if you want to make their own wear a little more delicate sense, reflect a little more feminine, then you can change a style attribute of the single product to match.

For instance the shirt of elegant style, contain the design element such as edge of lace, agaric, flounce, can balance the recreational feeling of jeans, give a person intellectual and easy refreshing temperament. ▼

Train of thought two: Jeans + "light color department" thin sweater

The knitwear of frigid money suits the weather of hot and cold in the season of change of spring and summer most, breathable won't appear too thin, the jeans that tie-in blue department at this time, change shallow color to department.

For instance pale blue, goose yellow, soft pink is waited a moment, have the beautiful feeling of chunxia very much, lightsome tender, this simple combination is in colour collocation little idea of the flower is ok. ▼

Idea 3: Jeans + "commuter style" suit

If you don't have a strict dress code at work, you can add a casual element to your daily commute to make it a little more relaxing. For example, on suit days, try replacing suit pants with jeans to create a chic and casual look for urban women.

To avoid the difference of style too obvious, the proposal chooses the jeans of brunet department, such whole feeling suits the light ripe wind female of 30 years old + more, have composed also have unruly one side. ▼


Daily T shirt + jeans is the most used collocation formula, simple and not wrong, if not accessories to spend a little thought it is easy to wear "stiff", there is no level, so this time can use some fresh and light single products to fold wear.

For example, agile and seasonal suit vest, windbreaker vest, knitted vest vest and so on. On the basis of jeans with T shirt, a vest can not only enrich the layers of wear, but also create a thin "H" profile, which can easily cover meat. ▼

Idea 5: Jeans + Over the Knee "Dress"

Like loose dress style "paper people", spring and summer jeans wear can also be worn like this: with a long dress over the knee or a long shirt with a slim jeans, it is very lazy along with the feeling of sex.

Of course, if you're worried about looking short, go for a high-waisted style or a straight silhouette -- oh, or a shirtdress that can be thrown open and paired with a simple, solid-colored T-shirt, which is also crisp and airy. ▼

6. Jeans and a striped top

The casual feel of jeans also matches well with the striped shirt. Compared with the plain T-shirt and top, the addition of striped elements will make the overall match a little more comfortable. The striped shirt with horizontal pattern is more artistic, while the striped shirt with vertical pattern is a little more mature, more commuting atmosphere, matching a pair of loafers is fashionable and beautiful. ▼

Idea seven: Jeans + simple T - shirt, fold wear cardigan more Japanese sense

Wear in day department magazine take in, we often can see to fold with cardigan to wear, especially in the collocation of foundation money + foundation money, such fold wear can let level become rich not only, and very practical.

Let a person can suddenly think of the daily scene, wearing a warm cardigan can be worn at any time, cold, hot off, in color can also be matched with the inside, or with jeans echo, energetic and full of nature. Color matching reference:

Blue jeans, white T-shirt and beige cardigan (left)

White Jeans + Blue T-Shirt + Blue Cardigan (right) ▼

Well, today's early summer jeans collocation sharing is here, I hope to bring you inspiration and good mood, happy holidays!Read more at:white formal dresses australia | Formaldressau

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