The trend in 2021 is for cropped pants that look taller and slimmer

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What girl doesn't want to be a legger? Just someone because of the body advantage, summer only need to choose shorts look, can win countless lines of sight.

Some people, however, because the leg conditions are not up to standard, can only choose to show a high and thin bottom, decorated straight slender leg lines.

When it comes to "beautify" your figure, cropped pants are all the talk this summer.

Some people believe that a cropped top can easily fulfill their desire to become leggy. After the experience of short women, they came to the conclusion that cropped pants show shorter legs, and because the conclusion is so different, cropped pants become more and more popular in the summer.

After putting on the five-point pants, the legs are near the knee, and it is really easy to wear a five-point effect, and the upper body shows short legs.

Of course, as long as the shortcomings can be solved by wearing skills, the problem is not big. Here's how to make your cropped pants look nice.

A cropped pant may be five stars in difficulty, but as one of the most popular pantsuits of 2021, its advantages are irresistible.

Never mind that it's almost occasion free, offering more possibilities for summer wear. Just it can contain hip wide leg thick leg type problem, let a person fondle admiringly.


Choose the right style

The length of the 1.

Whether it is tall or short, it is recommended that you do not choose the length of the trouser leg just stuck in the knee to wear the cropped pants in a stylish way.

Three centimeters above the knee, the upper body is easier to wear the look full of spirit, especially when matching the high waist line, the basic style can wear a full street sense.

Knees of the five-point pants, even the height of 170CM female stars, it is a lack of security, let alone the average figure of us.

Of course, girls who will wear the pants, pull up some legs, not only modified the leg curve more slender, but also can wear the overall look full of details.

Of pull trouser leg wear a law, it is the skill that little girl must learn, we pass adjust trouser length, can get rid of 5 minutes trouser to show the trouble of leg short.

And, wear in subtraction the summer that take give priority to, this kind of wear a law to be able to maintain cool and refreshing feeling already, still can increase modelling fashionable value, let a person kill many birds with one stone!

2. The material

Five minute pants want to wear a decent style of chic, then we must know how to choose the style according to the occasion.

However, the cropped pants made of different materials have different visual experiences, so we can use this to distinguish them. This summer, however, we get a suit and a pair of cropped jeans for every occasion.

The 5 minutes trousers of bully - puncher qualitative material, look recreational and spontaneous sex, good collocation still can sunken a different style not only. Everyday want to wear a sense of personality trend without effort. We can choose the tear design style, matching the basic style can concave the street feeling.

But when choosing a style, don't forget to choose according to the leg type. Slightly slim five minutes of trousers, although easier to change leg fine, but not suitable for thick leg party.

The straight-cut cropped pants, which suit different body types, are more popular. As long as we choose to improve the waist line, we can concave the look of full marks in the gas field.

Suit-style cropped pants are also the perfect choice for commuting. The crisp and smart version, as well as the design of the high waist line, the upper body can outline a narrow waist and long legs, not only can the upper body wear the royal sister style, but also looks very elegant.

Of course, in order to enhance the sense of style, the choice of leather wind or metal wind belt, bag, watch and other accessories, the upper body easily enhance the taste of wearing.

If you want to play with the workplace, the fabric of the top should not look cheap either! Contracted do not break the jacket of simple sense again, it is the key that you wear a small capital wind.

Suit style five minute pants, want to wear a sense of formal, must not ignore the high waist line, and plug the corner of the way to wear, the upper body is neat and generous, let a person see!


Shows high collocation skills

Asian girls tend to be petite, and even if they choose the right style, they can become puffy and clunky. Therefore, cropped pants have always been a dangerous item to try.

Japanese girls wear more excellent, they not only deduce the charm of leg fine, but also put on the five-cropped pants with a salty sweet girlish style, more suitable for Asian girls to learn from.

Without the height advantage of European and American girls, we can make people ignore our height by showing high collocation skills.

Before summarizing the high collocation for everyone, we first take a look at the daily miscellaneous look, do you find that Japanese girls like soft with just collocation skills. Use light colored or soft fabrics, as well as small fresh style wrap hat accessories, can wear more in line with the look of Asian girl temperament.

1. Color extension method

Next, let's take a look at the Japanese girls' high collocating skills. They like to use color to extend the length of their legs, such as the same color system and the bottom of one color wearing method, the upper body simple atmosphere is also easy to learn, you are worth a try.

But if the light color is in the lower body, we need to use accessories to increase the highlight of the upper body, the upper body can shift the center of gravity to the height, so as to wear a taller look.

2. Extend leg length upwards

Someone likes color contrast method more, can enrich modelling level feeling not only, still can make clear waist line position. But when collocation wants to wear a perfect figure proportion, the way that the plug corner wears, we must arrange on.

In addition, V-neck, big round neck, waist and other designs of the top, can also shorten the length of the upper body, help us to wear a taller look.

Five - minute trousers will be a body proportion of 50-50, will naturally show short. It's just that by shortening the top and extending the length of our legs upwards, we can rebalance our body size so that even short girls can wear long legs.

In addition, this oversize style jacket and waist revealing top can not only cover the flesh but also show thin, even fat girls can easily wear, quickly become fashionable!

Day department girl still likes to combine 5 minutes trouser and bringband rise, upper body can deduct small pure and fresh style easily not only, still can upswing outspread leg is long, let a person ignore your true height.

Of course carry belt 5 minutes of trousers, had better choose the design of tall waist line, although we chose to wear loose law up and down so, also can not show fat.


A loose and tight piercing

Of course, the most correct way to open 5 minutes of pants, or through a loose tight wearing law to do a contrast, can line a figure more slender, the upper part of the body can promote the appearance level of modelling easily.

If you don't know what to wear, you can choose a formula based on your body type.

1. Oversize top + tight cropped pants

The looseness between the upper and lower outfit, the contrast is obvious, and the upper body can be thinner. Of course, the leggings that highlight the curves of the girls' legs will not only slim the upper body, but also give a little sexy.

This time on the right side for everyone to demonstrate the tight Panasonic law, very suitable for the shape of apple. Although tight five minutes of trousers compare pick leg type, but show thin effect is remarkable, with loose jacket collision, block flesh to show thin, still all show languid lazy along with sexy.

2. A five-cent pantsuit with a tight top

Jacket of suit wind + the suit of 5 minutes of pants, can deduce big woman charm easily not only, still can mix take a different style.

But no matter how to wear, loose suit, the best with A cool and thin jacket, can wear A and desire to look.

3. Tight-waisted sunscreen plus cropped pants

Afraid of black schoolgirl, want to bask in the dress + the collocation of 5 minutes of pants, wear thin good-looking, very simple also. We can create an hourglass figure as long as we choose a sun-protected garment designed to close the waist.

And this kind of upper body wears a conservative way, with just the suit can cover 80% of the figure problem.

Short legs in cropped pants? Can be solved through collocation skills, the problem is generally not big. Keep in mind above 3 points in our collocation, no matter tall or short fat can concave a fashionable model.Read more at: |

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