Latest V Bomber Leather Jackets in Classic and Vintage Style

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The bomber jacket originates from military clothing which flowed down into subcultures such as a newcomer and has recently made its way into high fashion. The military bomber jacket was made to be versatile for functionality as it was a lightweight jacket that kept aircrews warm. Led by Kanye West, bomber jackets became an iconic hip-hop fashion item instead of being associated with the military or colleges. Teenagers frequently enjoy smodifying their own bomber jackets with their favourite colours and own initials to represent themselves.

Over the years, leather bomber jackets have been popular across the world. So you can easily decide which one to select and add it into your wardrobe. Each and everyone has different tastes in term of fashion, so you will get the jackets in the form of a casual to class or vintage.

Are you looking for great ways to stay warm and stylish? Whether it’s spring, fall, or winter, the urge to have the best leather bomber jacket is high. Why? The classic look is fantastic anywhere. We have recommended in this article that you can go for either a vintage or classic look. There are some factors to consider: a modern style that will make you stand out from the crowd. Nowadays, Bomber Jackets are made from a variety of materials. These include leather, wool, silk, satin and suede. The bomber jacket is a neutral fashion item with no limitations when it comes to genders, ages or styles. Shapes of the bomber jackets are modified into dress-like jackets or even one-piece dresses.

Materials of the bomber jacket are continuously changed each season to bring unconventional styles that cater to customer's needs. Not only do designers use leather and wool, but fabrics such as silk, neoprene, satin and gauze are also used. Decorative elements like ruffles, embroidered patchwork, lace-ups are also added on the bomber jackets, making them an essential fashion item that comes in a variety of fabrications, and styles.

Bomber jackets became popular in the non-military audience in the late 1960s to 1980s. With new trend, it also changed the colour into burgundy in order to distinguish themselves and their bomber jackets from the original military flight jackets. Brown shades also has the classic look. Due to the popularity of the jacket, designers have designed the bomber jacket in a variety of hues. Other than the standard navy blue, army green and black, the bomber can be found in pastel tones such as baby pink, blue, mint, or even gold and silver.

Difference of Classic and Vintage fit, which style to choose from?

Vintage fit and Classic fit are different measurements of the clothing. Vintage fit is also known as slim, retro, or custom fit. This fit is more tailored and slimmer. Also, it has a leaner look. Meanwhile, the classic fit is the normal fit of clothing. It is also known as the traditional fit. Vintage fit clothing will be a tighter fit compared to a classic fit. The vintage fit will also have a lesser amount of cloth and is not expandable. On the other hand, the classic fit has an extra length of clothing for more comfort and movement. The vintage fit is ideal for skinny or lean people while the classic fit is appropriate to almost every body type and size. Classic fit clothes can be considered as staple pieces in a wardrobe while vintage fit clothing might pose a problem for a person with an inconsistent body shape. An advantage of vintage fit clothes is that it clings to the body and accentuates it while the classic fit’s selling point is comfort and flexibility. Whichever bomber leather jacket you choose will be long term wear, for sure. For most people, it’s as if an honour and pride to own a bomber jacket.

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