Comfortable Body Shapersand Best Quality Butt Lifters for Fashionable Women

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There are wide range of Body Shapers and Butt Lifters available in the market, get the perfect and the best Shape Wears in our Store PARANZ, with a good shopping experience for sure.

Body Shapers and Butt Liftershelps us to look slimmer instantly without any trouble. It gives an hourglass figure by hiding the extra inches, making our appearance elegant. Though we know that Shapers are designed especially for women but presently it is gaining popularity within men also. Latest Shapers have undergone several changes related to the ones worn in early times.If you are going to buy a Shaper for the first time, then this article will guide you to select the perfect one.

Body Shapers and Butt Lifters

Body Shapers are known to be worn, since Victorian Age. Earlier they were made of cotton, linen, and fine fabrics like satin or silk. Before Shapers were usually made of hard materials and were very uncomfortable as well, but now as the time has changed in many ways, so do Body Shapers and Butt Lifters has also changed. They are now made of skin-friendly and breathable materials, that provides more comfort while wearing if chosen properly.

Choosing The Perfect Size Is Very Necessary

Choosing the right size is very important, as it should let you move easily with comfort.Wearing a Shaper is very problematic. It is always better to wear it from down and then it should be pulled upward. Though it should have a perfect fit but it shouldn’t be too tight. Most important thing is, it should be comfortable.

Inspite of being slim, you can still wear Shapers just to define your beautiful feminine curves, when wearing a luxurious dress. It is not necessary always to have bulges to wear a Shaper. Select a shape wear according to your requirement, as there are different types of shapes and wide range of sizes to choose from. You may require a Slip Shaper, this is almost like a shape of a short, it extends upwards through the abdomen and the waist up to the lining of bra. It gives shape to thighs. Then there is Minimizer Bra, this firms up the bust and also the upper back. Shaping Top, this support the bust including the bra, this covers the thigh, butt, abdomen, stomach and waist. Extended Brief, this is worn as a brief but extends up to the waist, it gives shape to the butt and hips, including the waist.

Some Shapers are made of Neoprene; this is synthetic rubber that provides insulation and raises body temperature as well. Neoprene Body Shapers or Butt Lifters are known to increase the body temperature and make you sweat. Mainly Shapers are made of 90% Nylon and Spandex. Spandex, also known as Lycra or Elastane, is a kind of synthetic fiber that is durable than rubber and extremely elastic. To make a Shaper more breathable in hotter climates Cotton is also combined with Nylon and Spandex.

Some in and out of Shapers


Wearing a Shaper holds your extra inches firmly with neatness, making you look attractive with your feminine curves. Shape wear that covers the waist and above improves posture and gives support to the back. The wearer gets an extra confidence, as the bulges gets hidden in a blink of an eye, giving a flawless look.


A wearer needs to be have patience while wearing a Shaper, as it is time consuming because tucking and fitting the flabs perfectly, needs a bit time. It depends on which types of Body Shapers are used as it may cause health issues.Wearing too tight Shapers can compress the musclescausing problem to nerves and blood vessels.

So, always choose a Body Shaper or a Butt Lifter that fits perfectly and is equally comfortable. Shape Wears never help you in losing weight so proper exercise and healthy diet is very important to look naturally attractive. Avoiding unwanted health issues, a Shaper should be worn for a certain period of time. Hope this few guidelines will help you to buy the perfect fit Body Shaper or a Butt Lifter.

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