The Surfer's Guide to No Sand Beach Towel

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Surfing and no sand beach towel go hand in hand. Between the sand, the surf and the sun, it’s not hard to see why these two are linked together. Microfiber beach towel non stick sand are also an essential piece of any surfer’s summer kit, offering convenience and performance as well as being great value for money compared to traditional cotton towels. Knowing about n sand beach towels can help you make the most of them!

What Is A No Sand Beach Towel?

Microfiber is a type of synthetic material made up of extremely fine strands. It’s an incredibly popular choice for towels, as it offers many benefits over cotton and other fabrics: it is super-absorbent, incredibly soft and can dry quickly.

What Are The Benefits Of No Sand Beach Towel?

While a regular towel will dry quickly, it won’t retain water. As a result, it takes up more space in your bag when you aren’t using it. A microfiber no sand towel dries quickly but will also absorb water, meaning that you can use it again without having to wring out excess liquid. It takes up less space in your bag, is lighter than regular towels and dries faster than most other kinds of beach towels.

How Do I Wash My No Sand Beach Towel?

Like all microfiber towels, quick drying beach towels take advantage of their fibbers’ small size and ability to absorb an immense amount of water. They typically have a higher concentration of these fibres than traditional terry cloth towels.

The first rule of cleaning your microfiber towel is pretty straightforward: don’t use fabric softener, as it can clog up the spaces in which dirt, bacteria and particles are trapped. If you must use a fabric softener, make sure it has been pre-approved for use with microfibers. Otherwise, just go without.

Do I Need A Special Bag For My Beach Towel When Travelling?

A common misconception is that you need a special bag for your microfiber beach towel. The truth is, it’s not actually necessary to take one at all. In fact, carrying an additional bag may even prove detrimental to your travel experience and efficiency of movement.

How Should I Store My Wet & Damp No Sand Beach Towel When Not In Use?

While towels will dry out naturally during most of the year, you need to be careful that they don’t become mouldy or mildewed. A good way to make sure your beach towel doesn’t grow any unwanted company is by putting it back in its storage bag each time you use it. Store them in a dry place away from direct sunlight, the last thing you want is your towel covered in bleach spots.

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