Essential Tips to Know before Buying Premium Neckties

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Wearing a necktie to any occasion can be easy. But selecting the right kind is not at all easy. You have to go through several things to find that perfect piece of necktie for yourself. Choosing the right one requires vast knowledge about it so that it becomes easier for you to determine the necktie in which you look the best. There are several techniques and points that you must remember before buying premium neck ties. Without knowing those, you may get confused while standing at the showroom with heaps of neckties around you.

Things to Consider for Neckties

  • Fabric or Material

First and the foremost thing that you should consider before buying neckties for yourself is the fabric or the material. The quality of the fabric must be good so that it makes the ties durable. Good quality for the material can also yield in better shape of the ties and better look as well. Silk are high-end materials that are used to make ties. Though they are thin compared to other materials, they are attractive and durable. To get a wrinkle-free, well-draped and well-shaped look, go for silk ties. You can keep your glam quotient high during winters with wool and tweed neckties.

  • Stitch

Neckties can be machine stitched as well as hand-stitched. The hand-stitched ones are more good looking and eye-catching. The neckties that are stitched by hands can give a luxurious and rich look to anyone wearing them. Before buying a necktie, make sure that the stitch is not visible. The quality neckties will not have more than three folds. If the ties are folded for more than three times, then you must enquire about the quality.

  • Size

 The width of neckties that is considered ideal is dependent on the outfit you are wearing, the occasion you are attending, and most importantly your facial proportions. Ties that are slimmer are perfect for casual outings rather than the wider ones. They are worn for meetings and business purposes.

  • Color

Color is another major thing to determine the perfect neckties for you. If you want to wear ties for formal occasions you must choose the standard colors. If you are looking for some experimentation, choose something unique. Premium neck ties have some shades that are exceptional. Some of them are:

  1. Orange neckties
  2. Pink ties lavender color neckties
  3. Burgundy ties
  4. Brown neckties
  5. Silver ties
  • Patterns

Some silk ties are also available in patterns, though solid ones are mostly preferred. Try to opt for neckties that are in contrast to the suit and the shirt.

The author loves to sport various kinds of premium neck ties. He especially has an interest in the ones which are unique in color, size, and pattern. Here he speaks about the things that you must consider before buying silk ties. He has given some suggestions about necktie colors too.

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