Ins and outs of Scandinavian silver fox fur to refurbish your style statements

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The activities related to breeding or raising certain types of animals for their fur are known as ‘fur farming’. Fur extracted from wild animals is not the same as farmed fur. Rather that variety is called ‘wild fur’. European farmers enjoy hegemony in production of farm fur all over the world. There are nearly 5000 such farms scattered across the EU if not more. Thus it is safe to conclude that over 50% of the world’s production of the item comes from Europe alone.

The ever-spanning global market

As far as fox fur is concerned the EU nations combine product reaches nearly 70% of the world’s net production every year. Denmark, the Netherlands and Russia are some of the major exporters of the item in the world. The item facilitates a wide and robust trade while its export involves major economic activities of these nations. On the other hand Finland is the largest exporter of fox pelts to the United States. Other than the US across the Atlantic the tiny European country also exports its fur to other nations including Canada and China worth millions of dollars every year. The Asian nation is known as the largest importer of pelts as well as the largest exporter to finished fur items in the world.  

However there are also many countries in Europe where farming of this item is strictly forbidden. These include the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Austria. In Norway the ban is to be implemented from February 2025. Switzerland – unlike the rest – imposes strict regulations on this range of faming. Some other European countries have banned fur farming with certain types of animals.

Man learnt to use fur clothing to protect from winter as far back as the Stone Age. The item in the early days of civilization obviously came from the wild. As the wheel of civilization kept rolling on, demand for this item as well as leather and hides gradually became soaring. In this context it is relevant mentioning Scandinavian crystal fox fur – one of the costliest items in its category with exceptionally high demand in the fashion industry across the globe. Thus different types of animals found their place in fur farms. These include sheep, cattle, rabbits, various species of foxes, raccoons and others. From the later half of the nineteenth century this type of farms started operating in full swing on the other coast of the Atlantic. The earliest records of breeding animals for fur date back to 1860 in the US and 1895 in Canada.     

As far as the US is concerned, fur trade has always been significant to the country’s economic activities. However there was a lull in trade in the later part of the twentieth century when animal rights activists strongly criticized such farming. However that is now history and today above 80% of pelts for the American fashion industry come from farms located within the country.

Crystalling of Scandinavian crystal foxes

Scandinavian crystal foxes have their original home in Europe although they have already been transported across the oceans ages ago mainly to keep the fur farms running. These days Scandinavian crystal foxes are widely seen in places far away from Russia and Europe like the US and Canada. The animal goes through a crystalling procedure, through which red and blonde tones get added to the underfur while much of the silver and black tipping of the guard hair is retained. In other words, crystalling procedure leads to the unique visual impact that the animal reflects. This natural phenomenon looks great to the eyes and the animal’s fur has unbelievable demand in fashion industry.  

This particular kind of fur has an exceptionally soft and supple texture. The dense item measures up to anywhere between 1.5 and 3 inches in length. It is recognized by those black and silvery tipping with typical rusty red and blonde under-fur. The item offers significant warmth and comfort even in extreme cold climatic conditions where the temperature drops much below the freezing point.

These days Scandinavian silver fox fur is a big hype in fashion. This delicate and costly item is being used designing varieties of stylish dressing items for both men and women. This range of items is designed innovatively and captures attention. One of the most popular items in this category is parkas. The category of parkas has rich patches of the fur running along the trim of the hood and the frontline. This designing feature adds towering grace and stylishness to the item. And this in turn makes you appear more elegant, tasteful, attractive, smarter and certainly trendier. Moreover the hood and the liner are detachable so that you can wear the inner vest separately as an independent unit.

Apart from parkas there are also extremely fashionable leather Moto jackets with detachable Scandinavian silver fox fur hood and collar. This item too comes in two varieties for both men and women. You can wear the jacket with or without both the fur hood and the fur collar. If you want you can also slip it on only with the fur hood or the fur collar.

Both the parkas and the leather biker jackets mentioned above are so innovatively designed that you can wear them as a proper dress. These items are also ideal to wear to attend different types of social gatherings and events.

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