Standard Cost of Custom Engagement Rings

by Olivia Rodrigo on May 26, 2021 Jewelry 150 Views

The importance and weightage of a custom engagement ring can never be ignored, but it is not always that simple to decide the price of them in general. It depends on various factors like the store you would like to buy it from, the design that you would like, and so much more. Handmade and custom made engagement rings also vary according to the detailing of the material used in them. The main factors to be considered while listing the price of the ring are as follows:


  1. Type of metal: This is the most important and prominent factor while determining the price of any engagement ring, for that matter. The bespoke wedding rings have special requirements for the kind of metal that needs to be used. You can choose platinum, gold or silver for this purpose, and the price will vary according to the weight used. Also, gold has three options- white, rose and yellow gold, which also differs in price. It starts at around $1000.


  1. Stone type: This is the next important point to be considered while determining the price of bespoke engagement rings. It can be a diamond stone on top, with rubies and other gems, and likewise. The accent stones also play a crucial role in this. The price increases with the increase in the number of stones used in the ring.


  1. Designing: This is a definite factor that affects the price of bespoke eternity rings. If you choose more designs for your ring, the price is very likely to increase. The effort of skilled labour is also taken into account here. If you are thinking about how much to spend on engagement ring, then you need to consider the design factor very seriously.


  1. Customization: The entire effect of customized rings play an equally important role here. It is not just a regular ring that you need for your engagement, but you also wish to design it in your own way. The jewellers are bound to charge you extra for this. The average cost of engagement ring that is customized as per special request tends to be around $2000 or more, so make plans accordingly.


Thus, you have more things to ponder upon than just think about how to wear rings on your special day. Consider the above-mentioned factors while buying your desired wedding ring. This will help you get a clear idea about the cost of such engagement rings. Overall, they will cost you around $1500 and more if you wish to add special effects to it through customization. Take advice from the jewellers, your friends who have been engaged, and your family members before seeking to buy your engagement ring. Also, make sure to choose it after viewing plenty of designs.

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