5 Watch Wearing Etiquettes All Gentlemen Should Know

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Wristwatches come in all shapes and sizes, and how you wear your watch matters. From choosing the right watch for the right occasion to making sure your watch fits correctly, all men should know watch etiquette to be regarded as a true gentleman.

1. Never Check the Time While Talking to Someone

While you are in the middle of a conversation, glancing at your wristwatch to check the time will imply that you are no longer interested in the present company. It could offend the person with whom you are speaking. A gentleman will always find a way to leave a conversation or meeting without hurting others' feelings.

2. Wear Watches That Match Your Clothes

Although there is no such rule that says you must wear a specific watch with a particular outfit, an improper selection can look off. A watch with a dark dial and strap goes well with dark attire. For a business casual, Tufina watches will be a perfect fit to showcase your style and boldness. Choosing the right timepiece can enhance the overall look.

3. Don't Wear a Watch with a Giant Dial

The average size of a watch case should be between 34 mm to 50 mm. However, it has become fashionable to wear watches with bigger dials. A watch with a big face will look inappropriate on someone with a smaller wrist. If you have a wrist that is six to seven inches, a wristwatch with a 38 mm to 42 mm dial is the ideal size. For wrists larger than seven inches, you can go with a 42 mm to 48 mm size case.

4. Don't Touch Another Person's Watch

A wristwatch is some people's most prized possession, and many people would not want another person to handle their watches without permission. It is sensible to view someone's timepiece without touching it. If the person removes it and gives it to you to look at, that is an invitation for you to inspect and admire it.

5. Make Sure Your Watch Is Not Too Tight or Too Loose

Wearing a watch should appear to be natural and make you feel comfortable. The dial of your wristwatch should sit right next to your wrist bone. You should not wear a watch too tight because that will put a lot of pressure on your wrist. Similarly, it should not be too loose that you have to adjust it when raising your hand. Make sure that your watch is strapped correctly around your wrist.

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