Why Take A Perfect Selfie With Your Engagement Ring?

by Olivia Rodrigo on Dec 24, 2020 Jewelry 224 Views

When young couples finally get engaged, the first thing they do is call their families and loved ones to give them the good news. Just 50 years ago, couples used to announce their engagements to the world with a newspaper advertisement. A correctly taken selfie with your vintage engagement ring would be a wonderful and exciting idea.


The best way to make this massive announcement among all your confidants and well-wishers is to post a cute Selfie with your hubby-to-be on Instagram. Make sure that you take a picture where your audience can admire the engagement ring properly.


Here Are Some Tips That Will Help You Make the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie-


Step 1: Find a Brightly Lit Space for the Picture


It is always a good idea to take a picture of diamond jewelry in natural light. Try to avoid flash and take the selfie outdoors with your SO in tow. Natural sunlight can be very easily dispersed by the halo engagement ring and will sparkle in a very prominent manner.

If you use the flash, then a photographic glare will probably mask the ring's intricacies and details. If you want your loved ones to admire the ring on Instagram or Facebook, you have to use soft outdoor natural light. Direct sunshine is like a camera flash, and that's why it's also not very ideal.


Step 2: Try Not To Zoom On the Engagement Ring


If you want to take a great picture of yourself, your SO, and your new engagement ring, then you should avoid zooming on the ring. It is a better idea to move the camera back and forth until you get a good picture in a frame. Zooming will degrade clarity.


Step 3: Get Your Nails Done Before Clicking the Picture


It is a piece of advice that is almost needless to say. If you are posting a picture of you and your new engagement ring, you need to get your nails done beforehand. Your selfie will lose appeal if your nails are in bad shape.


That is why you should try to get a manicure done before you click a Selfie of you and your ring. It would help if you also considered rubbing some moisturizer on your hands before taking the picture so that your skin glows and pops on the camera. Try to go for contrasting nail colors so that your diamond receives maximum attention.


With the help of these tips, you will take a great Selfie with your significant other and your new bridal engagement ring. This would undoubtedly be a fantastic way to announce the happy news to your friends and family. If you want to know more about rings, you should consider looking through an engagement rings buying guide.

Article source: https://article-realm.com/article/Fashion/Jewelry/9208-Why-Take-A-Perfect-Selfie-With-Your-Engagement-Ring.html


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