Save Money in Many Ways Using Your Smartphone

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Well, believe it or not, that small gadget you are holding in the palm of your hand can be as good as a finance tool if you know how to work with it.

Think clearly.

A Smartphone gives you access to the Internet and, therefore, the whole world in the comfort of the palm of your hands.

With high-end Smartphones, you get to do a lot and find new solutions to problems as well as new possibilities to bring you more productivity than you might be looking for.

Now, do you really believe that a Smartphone can save you money?

Well, it is always doing that silently without you even noticing it.

Smartphones are pocket computers that can sometimes outsmart a large laptop in their functionalities.

They are cool gadgets to carry here and there, and they provide you with services that you enjoy all the time.

Be it gaming or subscribing to that new food channel you found out about yesterday night.

With all of these facilities being delivered to you in this way, isn’t it rather obvious to work with a Smartphone this time and aim for saving some cash?

For your information, your Smartphone is not going to upset you with this.

  • Why and How Smartphones Can Save Money for You

Well, there are so many reasons by which your Smartphone can save you money.

This small post wouldn’t be able to cover all of that.

But, it definitely can present it.

In case you are now searching the Internet and have decided taking out a bad credit loan for car finance in an instant decision, then search some for buying a secondary Smartphone.

You can simply get a phone for these uses and keep your professional work separated from your personal life using this second phone you are willing to purchase.

But, you have to know what professional measures and tricks you might take in order to ensure you are doing it well to get some money using this small gadget.

These points might help.  

  • Online Shopping and Price Comparison
  • Freelancing
  • Converting All Your Media Needs and Works Online
  • Trade or Invest
  • Use Discounts; Coupon Codes and Deals
  • Mobile Banking 

Want to know more about them? Well, you just need to keep reading on.

  1. Online Shopping and Price Comparison

According to the cybercrew:

“The user penetration for internet shopping in the UK is expected to reach 86.2% in 2021.”

Can you imagine that rate?

Now, shopping spree online is the trend of the age.

And technically, that is an affordable choice.

You can choose shopping from a website or an app of that website.

In other ways, you can definitely choose your trusted e-commerce brand (like Amazon) in order to get great deals like discount codes and coupons etc.

Sticking to a particular e-commerce sector will also offer you customer loyalty programs.

With smart comparison apps, you can now compare different options and get the best deal as well.

Do you do all of this sitting at your favourite place on your couch?

Don’t you think that gives you enough savings?

  1. Freelancing

Well, people always think that they need a laptop for obtaining a good job in the field of freelancing.

If you want to be a writer, podcaster, or voice-over artist, then it is more than essential to get a freelance job as that can get you the professional exposure you need.

Although freelancing is not on the side of saving money but more on the side of earning it, it still makes sense for the financial betterment of a person’s life.

You can choose to be a designer, an online tutor; a writer; a voice over artist; a programmer or probably a transcriptionist.

All you need is your phone, and you may purchase an external keyboard at really cheap rates.

Go for websites like Upwork or fiverr to get freelance work.

  1. Converting All Your Media Needs and Works Online

If you no longer need to go to the lenders’ office after an instant decision of taking out a bad credit loan for car finance, then why exactly would you not convert most of your tasks online?

The reality is that has already been done to a great extent.

This is a great thing from the Smartphones that made it that all in one device where you can literally do anything.

  • Books and Films

You can save the hassle of buying physical books or Blu-ray DVDs of your favourite movies.

You can now download most e-books for free using apps like Kindle.

Or you can find a completely free app such as Barnes and Noble Nook, Libby or Kobo Books.

  • Photographs

And then you can use your phone as an advanced camera for taking professional photographs.

Most Smartphones these days are coming with at least 3 different lenses for the photoshoot. You can again use apps like the mobile version of Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom. You can go ahead and use Snapseed too.

Need more advancements? You can get different Smartphone camera lenses in the market. Buy a telephoto, macro, or microlens; mount it up with your Smartphone and take amazing shots.

  • Filming

Videography is made simpler with the Smartphone. No need of managing a clunky and large DSLR or mirrorless camera for shooting professional video.

You can use a tool like a Smartphone gimbal for more stabilised shots.

Need an editing app? The best one is the FiLMiC Pro. It is premium though. In that case, go with CameraMX as it is free.

  1. Trade or Invest


Well, thees a Dogecoin too.

And then you get the Shib coins.

With a Smartphone, you can now invest in Cryptocurrency trading at the comfort of your home.

With the correct trading knowledge and being alert with the market, you can now trade comfortably and make money.

You can use Coinbase or Bitpanda.

Not just the crypto trade, you can also invest your money I the stock market; or mutual funds or look for an insurance using your Smartphone.

And the good news is that there are tons of investment apps.

Find one; invest and earn financial rewards. 

  1. Use Discounts; Coupon Codes and Deals

Do you know that you get apps these days to get coupons and discounts as well?


Well, with these apps, you can get coupons and discount rates on services.

While it may not give you cash money, it can surely get you discounted offers or rewards in using a service from a variety of brands.

You may also earn shopping vouchers.

Use these apps wisely, and you will see they will get you affordable.

  1. Mobile Banking 

Online banking has been possible for the presence of the Smartphone.

You can also get online only banks, which means the banks can only be accessed online.

The governing body protecting the physical banks protects all these banks we are talking about.

With an online bank, you not only get the facility of money transactions in a second from the comfort of your couch; but you might also get extra facilities like getting a bonus for opening an account.

  • To Conclude

You are probably searching for the options of guaranteed car finance for bad credit on your Smartphone.

You see! It can even get you a loan.

So, use it wisely to save (and earn) money.

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