Negroni - What You Should Know About the Popular Cocktail

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Negroni has been a favourite drink for a lot of people around the world. In fact, a survey conducted by Drinks International unveiled that it is the second bestselling cocktail in the world during the past five years! This deep red drink usually offered as an apéritif. Just in case you didn’t know, apéritif refers to an alcoholic beverage served before a meal to stimulate the appetite. An expert chef from a pizza restaurant Chiswick explains more about the drink.

A Brief History of Negroni:

The exact origin of this drink is not really known, however there’s speculations that it is connected to both Italian and French cultures. Regardless, the cocktail is said to have first mixed in Florence in 1919 at Caffè Casoni. Legend has it that Count Camillo Regroni requested a bartender to strengthen his drink, the Americano. And that’s how Negroni was born. The drink soon became popular, after which readymade versions were sold to customers.

5 Facts About Negroni:

-It’s a simple cocktail with essentially three ingredients – sweet vermouth, gin, and Campari. It is also one of the easiest cocktails to make.

-Over a thousand variations of negroni were introduced over the years. People love experimenting and creating exciting variants of the drink. Some of the popular ones include the Boulevardier and the Negroni Bianco.

-A standard Negroni will have equal parts of the ingredients. However, a tad extra gin can sweeten the drink and brighten the cocktail further.

-Even if the choice of vermouth and gin varies from bar to bar, Campari remains the standard ingredient for the cocktail to be perfect.

-Every year, an entire week will be dedicated for the drink, and is popularly called the Negroni Week. Thousands of restaurants and bars around the world participate to raise funds for charitable organisations. In 2021, Negroni Week will be celebrated from September 13 to September 19.

How to Make Negroni at Home:

Here’s a simple home recipe suggested by a pizza Chiswick chef for you.

Ingredients Required:

-25ml Gin

-25ml Sweet vermouth (we used Antica Formula)

-25ml Campari


-Orange (for serving)

Method of Preparation:

-Pour the Gin Vermouth and Campari into a mixing glass or jug with ice. Stir well until the outside of the glass feels cold.

-Strain this into a tumbler.

-Add a large ice sphere or some fresh ice, and garnish with an orange slice, using a blood orange when in season (December to April). Drink’s ready!

Pair it with Pizza!

So, what's the best dish you can pair your Negroni with? A juicy and flavourful Amalfi pizza Chiswick! An authentic Amalfi pizza features a tomato base, Buffalo mozzarella & fresh prosciutto. A bittersweet Negroni with this simple pizza will surely delight you and your loved ones.

Prepare this famous cocktail in minutes by following the simple recipe mentioned above, and order a pizza delivery Chiswick from your favourite Italian pizza restaurant.

The author often writes about food and lifestyle for his readers online. In this article, he gives an overview of the world-famous cocktail, Negroni, and recommends the best pizza Chiswick to pair with the drink. Visit for more details.

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