A Guide to Storing Meat in Your Commercial Kitchen

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Proper handling and storage of food are an important processes in a commercial kitchen. Even a small blunder can bring serious ramifications to the brand and customers. As soon as the meat order arrives from the supplier’s point of sale, it should be handled and stored carefully. This is because food-borne illness is not completely eradicated, and food storage issues are often subject to human error. Hence, strict policies should be proposed and rigid procedures must be followed to ensure all the food products, including doner kebab meat for sale, are checked, cleaned, refrigerated, and stored properly and immediately.

Improper food handling and storage can be disastrous to your company and to customers alike.

Impacts of poor handling and storage of meat

• Food-borne illness and even death of customers

• Loss of customers and sales

• Less ROI

• Loss of reputation

• Lower employee morale

• Legal and court affairs

• Hefty fines

• Licence cancellation

• Increased insurance premiums

• Professional embarrassment

• Investigation and legal consequences if charged

Things You Need To Do After Receiving Meat

When you receive buy doner meat kebab meat from your suppliers, you need to various ensure various things, including:-

• Ensure all the packs of meat are sealed without any damages.

• Check whether the order you have received matches the invoice.

• Check the temperature of the delivery truck storage space to ensure they follow the protocols and procedures.

• Sort out and move all the meat products immediately and refrigerate them.

• Make sure meat, pork, chicken, fish, and poultry are kept in their separate containers and are sealed until used.

• Check the temperature of the coolers or freezers where the meat is stored daily to make sure they are safe and aren’t spoiled.

• Immediately report if you find something is not okay with the freezer and the meat is spoiled.

Storage Procedure

Meat should be well-packed and stored to prevent drying and spoilage. If not stored properly, it can cause freezer burn and meat will be spoiled. The meat will be vacuum packed as soon as received as they will have a long shelf life when kept in the original vacuum packaging. Cut meats that are used for retail use must be wrapped in permeable film on trays or even vacuum packaged after using portioning. On the other hand, cut meat products for food service use should be vacuum packed immediately and stored in food-grade containers by wrapping appropriately. Make sure the cooler is set in the right temperature.

Follow the food storage procedures accurately to avoid food-borne illnesses and their consequences. For more queries on wholesale kebab meat prices, please call us.

The author is a one of the best kebab meat suppliers in Sydney. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, he is committed to delivering quality products and service. Visit https://sydneykebab.com.au/ for more details on doner kebab meat for sale.

Article source: https://article-realm.com/article/Food-and-Drink/16029-A-Guide-to-Storing-Meat-in-Your-Commercial-Kitchen.html


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