This Is The Best Way To Tell If Your Meat Is Fresh!

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When buying meat, it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying something that looks fresh and good based on its appearance alone. However, there are many ways to identify whether your meat is actually fresh and good, or if it’s actually bad and expired. Check out these signs that doner kebab meat for sale is fresh and good, which will help you avoid eating spoiled meat and ensure you get your money’s worth at the grocery store or butcher shop!

Signs to Look For

Before you choose your meat, make sure to pay attention to these signs. The better a cut of meat looks, smells, and feels, usually, the better it tastes. If you’re at a butcher shop or grocery store and looking to buy doner meat kebab meat, here are some things to look for


The texture of fresh meat is quite different from its stale counterpart. If you run your hand along a piece of beef, for example, that’s less than two days old, you’ll likely notice that it feels slightly coarse, as if there are tiny bubbles popping beneath your skin. Over time, these bubbles disappear – which means that if you were to touch a piece of meat two days old or older, it would feel significantly smoother. Make sure the meat is firm and fresh.


When fresh meat is exposed to air, a chemical reaction called oxidation causes it to turn a bluish colour. This phenomenon is known as metmyoglobin formation. And, unlike cut apples or bananas that’ll eventually brown over time, meat turns brown due to exposure to oxygen in just minutes. So, if you’re looking for fresh meat in your grocery store, look for one with a red-pinkish colour instead of blue.

Dark Cut Marks on Exterior

One of the best ways to ensure that your meat is fresh is to check for dark cut marks on its exterior. Dark cut marks can appear as brown or black streaks that appear when too much moisture is present during processing, which leads to oxidization. This discoloration may have already been present at your local grocery store, but it’s even more apparent once you get it home. To avoid consuming old meat, only buy cuts that have minimal-to-no discoloration.

Bone Structure & Tenderness

Look at where your meat comes from. If it comes from a farm that is using humane practices, you will see less bone structure; if it comes from a factory farm that uses inhumane practices, your meat will have much more bone structure, as animals are kept in cramped conditions without exercise. Also, check out how tender your meat is – good meat should have little give when you press on it with a fork or chopstick.

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