5 Commonly Asked Questions About Pizza

by Jason Upton on Jun 10, 2020 Food and Drink 18 Views


Have you ever ordered pizza delivery Vancouver and after that tasty treat you start to have some questions about pizza? Here are some popular questions, some will get you thinking while others may get you laughing out loud.

Why are Pizza Boxes Square?

This is a common question and it is understandable why many people will ask it. I mean, you call pizza delivery Vancouver, the delivery finally gets to you and you are handed a large square box, but the content is round.

The answer is simple, square boxes are easier to manufacture. They are also easier to store in corners and to pack in vans without wasting a lot of space. You can also build the square box much faster than you can a circular one. Apple, however, patented circular pizza boxes so maybe they will one day become common.

Why Put Pineapple on Pizza?

For some people, this is a question they find confusing because they wonder why anyone would question such a tasty delight. Pizza with pineapple is actually not the strangest thing you can find in a pizza restaurant Vancouver, but that has never ended the argument whether pineapple belongs on a pizza.

A number of chefs were surveyed to get an answer to this and the overwhelming answer seemed to be that it is a matter of giving people what they want. Pineapple topping is among the top 10 choices at number 9 right before spinach- see, pineapple now does not seem like a bad idea does it?

Who Made the First Pizza?

Historians have found evidence of flatbread with toppings made 7,000 years ago in Italy. This would suggest that it has been part of the Italian culture to eat flatbread and add some meat or vegetables to it. The first person to make that is not known.

Pizza as we know it today with cheese, tomatoes, and basil was first made in Italy by Raffaele Esposito. He made it for Queen Margherita who was visiting Naples in 1889. If you love Margherita Pizza, well you and the queen have that in common.

What is the History of Pizza in Canada?

Pizza came to Canada in 1948 when the first pizzeria was opened, later the ovens became common in the 1950s as more Italian restaurants were opened. It was not until the 60s that pizza became very popular in Canada. Today when you think of Italian food Vancouver, pizza is probably one of the top 5 foods that come to mind.

What Happens if You Order Pizza and Do Not Pay for It?

It is a bit unsettling to think that this is a common question asked, especially if you are a pizza delivery man. Well, what usually happens is that you will not get the pizza. The delivery person will simply return the pizza to the restaurant and probably mark that address as one where they shouldn’t go to again.

Do you have any burning pizza question to ask? Leave your question in the comments and we will answer them.

The author of this article runs a popular pizza restaurant Vancouver that is family owned and delivers tasty pizzas in the city. Visit https://georgespizza.ca/ for more details.

Article source: https://article-realm.com/article/Food-and-Drink/6397-5-Commonly-Asked-Questions-About-Pizza.html


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