How To Choose The Perfect Bubble Tea Combo

by Rosario Berry on May 13, 2021 Coffee 75 Views

Unlike most bubble tea stores I've been to, Gong Cha stands out among the rest with incredible quality bubble tea.

Bubble tea, also called boba tea, is a delicious tea you can enjoy with lots of incredible flavors and toppings.

Choose the right combo. Enjoy new varieties with each visit to the Gong Cha store. Or, simply stick to your long-term drink if you're not adventurous enough to try something new.

Place your order at your favorite Gong Cha store. They stock up menus filled with a variety of options and sections. That said, this article discusses how to choose the perfect bubble tea combo.

To start with, most Gong Cha stores offer takeout and delivery.

Like other stores, you can choose your bubble tea, size, toppings, ice, and sweetness level. In a nutshell, everything is customizable at Gong Cha.

First off, choose your size. Medium or large.

Next, many people essentially prefer the fruit tea or the milk tea as a base alongside the fruit tea flavors like lychee black tea or certain milk tea like honey oolong milk tea.

Next, you can choose your level of ice and sweetness. For ice level, you can choose regular, warm, less, or no ice. Taking sweetness level, the choice is yours.
Sweetness levels include extra (120%), less ( 70%), regular (100%), little (30%), half (50%), and none.

Gong Cha also serves their drinks hot. Sounds good especially on a cold winter day.

Choose Your Toppings

The final step is to choose your toppings. Or no toppings. Some toppings options are pudding, tapioca (the chewy bubbles inside bubble tea), red bean, grape popping bubbles, coffee popping bubbles, and mango popping bubbles.

Drinks like peach oolong tea and mango green tea already have their toppings. Apart from some drinks that have the toppings already included, you might be charged an extra fee for additional toppings.

While some drinks can be purchased all year round, most times, milk tea, either warm or iced, looks perfect for winter and fall, while delicious fruit punches work best for spring and summer.

My favorite drink for the winter months is the Oolong Milk tea and nata jelly, little ice, and 70% sweetness. My warmer months had me go for the mango Green Tea and bubbles (rather than mango jelly)- with the same ice and sweetness level.

Other great mentions are winter melon milk green tea with bubbles and mango snow with bubbles.

A new Gong Cha boba tea store opened recently in New York. The store also offers takeouts and delivery. Plus, they have an indoor space where customers can sit and eat with friends. I've seen some students come here to study. Digital nomads come here to work.

In summary

Many days, I have to self-discipline myself to avoid buying more drinks than I can afford.

However, drinking bubble tea has allowed me to spend quality time with friends while enjoying my favorite drink. That's the absolute beauty of Taiwanese tea.


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Rosario Berry is a professional freelance writer, like to introduce Gong Cha Store Locations. Gong Cha has created an online ordering platform where customers can place Bubble Tea Online Order for their favorite bubble tea combo through their app or web page.

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