6 Super Delicious Milk Tea Combos You Should Try In A Bubble Tea Store In Texas

by Rosario Berry on Jul 2, 2019 Coffee 783 Views

If you've been enjoying the boba tea wave, by now you should have discovered your perfect bubble tea combo. You should have known your favorite milk tea flavor, your ideal sugar content, level of ice, favorite sinkers and other different add-ins.


As a typical bubble tea drinker in Texas, it's not a bad idea to go with what we are already used to- but switching to a different milk tea combo can be a fun experience. In fact, you can discover your new favorite bubble tea orders.


Planning to visit one of the best bubble tea stores in Texas and don't know what to add to your cup of bubble tea? On your next visit to the best bubble tea in Texas, here are great combos you can try:


Classic Milk Tea Mixed With Coffee Jelly And Ice Cream


Can you imagine the result when you combine milk tea with coffee jelly and ice cream? Well, the outcome is sweet milk tea. Remember, ice cream and coffee jelly are already sweet, so try to reduce the sugar content of your milk tea.


Gong cha's best bubble tea store in Texas is famous for it's Classic Milk Tea mixed with Coffee Jelly and Ice Cream.


Combine Brown Sugar Milk Tea With A Cheese Creams And Some Pudding


One of the popular milk trends in Texas is brown sugar milk tea. Have you tried it, ones? If not, simply blend the caramel flavor present in the brown sugar with pudding and salty cream.


Taro Milk Mixed With Red Beans And Pudding


Most Texans grew up with slurping the popular taro slushes. That's why they have this soft spot for milk teas that contains taro flavor. This milk tea variant is blended with purple color cream of delicious flavors.


Sip Your Wintermelon Milk Tea With Salty Cream And Tapioca Pearls


Even without sugar, wintermelon milk tea already contains sweet flavor. You can boost the delicious and milky flavor of the wintermelon milk tea by adding some salty cream. Do you want to feel a chewy texture while sipping your milk tea? Go add some tapioca pearls.


Matcha Milk Tea With Nata De Coco And Red Beans


The bitter note of Matcha milk tea perfectly pairs with the sweet-savory tastes coming from Nata de coco and red beans. So in your next visit to the bubble tea store, try out this delicious milk tea and add some sweet Nata de coco and red beans for a great texture and excellent flavor.


Combine Earl Grey Milk Tea With Ice Cream And Grass Jelly


Combining Earl grey milk tea with grass jelly can be bitter but they contain herbal notes. Try out this combo if you're a fan of the milk tea with more of a tea taste than sugar. So, in your next visit to one of Gong cha's bubble store in Texas, try out these milk tea combos and you'll surely love them.


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Rosario Berry is a professional freelance writer, like to introduce Gong Cha Franchise. Its innovative and they periodically add new Bubble Tea Series to their menu, which gives their customers even a wider selection to choose from.

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