Franchise Opportunity In Upstate New York Syracuse - What You Need To Open A Bubble Tea Store

by Rosario Berry on Dec 20, 2020 Coffee 29 Views

So you want to open a bubble tea franchise in Upstate New York such as Rochester, Albany, Syracuse, Buffalo, and more. What you need is to make real-time plans on important aspects like cost, design, and equipment.


Owning a high-end bubble tea franchise can be a little expensive as they require premium quality, top of the line equipment, ingredient, and solid training. All these require a large chunk of money. But don't worry; this article promises to give you professional advice that'll help you leverage your cost.


This article walks you through basic information needed to be a bubble tea franchise owner in upstate New York.


Design and layout


The size of your store will determine how much you're going to spend (obviously, bigger stores will cost more). The counter space and the sink are the most basic things you need for your store. All other things are only based on personal customization.


Many stores use the wood counter space due to their lower price, but we won't recommend that as they only last for a few years (the liquid environment degrades the wood quality leaving it looking shabby and unprofessional).


We suggest going for the stainless steel version. They are more durable, resistant to harsh conditions, and last longer.


What about the equipment?


One of the things that separate reputed brands from the rest is the type of equipment they use for operation. Let's check them out.


Bubble tea sealer


Sealer machines are a staple at any bubble tea store. They provide an airtight seal to the cups, leaving them looking sharp and attractive. They also save you some bucks in the long run.


Tea shaker


The tea shaker machine thoroughly mixes your hot tea with ice and powder to deliver an adequately dissolved tea with bubbles.


Sugar dispenser


A sugar dispensing machine dispenses the right amount of sugar to make sure that your customers enjoy the bubble sweetness that they've always craved for.


Automatic tea brewer will save you employee cost and time. However, since you're just starting, you can go for a gas or electric stove.


You'll need a stove to cook your tapioca pearl.


The difference between the gas and an electric stove is that the gas will heat faster. But if you're looking for an easier and more consistent heating source, the electric stove is the real deal.


You also need other equipment like shaker cups, tea shop utensils, tea dispensers, stirrers, and more.


What are the required Ingredients and sources?


Bubble tea started in Taiwan, and up until now, you can only get the best ingredients in Taiwan. So you need to source your ingredient from Taiwan and ensure they are SGS, HACCP, and ISO certified.


Bonus hint


You need to get professional and well-trained staff to prepare your tea and serve customers. Also, Be sure to create a business plan as it’ll guide you into making an informed decision.


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Rosario Berry is a professional freelance writer, like to introduce Gong Cha Store Locations. Gong Cha has created an online ordering platform where customers can place Bubble Tea Online Order for their favorite bubble tea combo through their app or web page.

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