What To Expect From Your Children's First Eye Checkup

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When we teach children about their body and how to take care of their body, we start with sensory organs. We teach them the names of various organs and make them understand their functions. If they know their body parts well, they will be able to communicate about the problems they face. Otherwise, at times, their actions are enough to tell us that something is wrong with them. 


Paying attention to these warning signs about children's health is important to prevent long-term issues that might go on to their adulthood. Let us learn a little more about children's eye examinations: 


When is the best time to bring your child to a pediatric eye specialist?


You can take your child to a pediatric ophthalmologist by the time they are 5-6 years old. That is the usual time for their first eye checkup. But it is not mandatory to wait until then if you feel that child needs medical attention. The usual warning signs for your child's eye issues might be rubbing eyes, reddened eyes, irritation with their eyes, and overwatering. If you see any of these symptoms, you must take them to the best pediatric ophthalmologist in Mumbai immediately. Children need treatment as early as 3 to 4 months. That is when their vision and eyesight develop and the problems related to it could be visible. So there is no standard time and it is never too early or late to bring your child to a pediatric eye specialist.


What is an eye exam conducted by a pediatric ophthalmologist in Mumbai?


An eye exam conducted by a pediatric ophthalmologist is a preliminary evaluation of the health of your children's eyesight and visual system. The ophthalmologist will ask several questions related to general health and particularly the health of his or her eyes. In the case of older children, doctors would prefer speaking to them directly than asking parents. Children are usually expressive in terms of their physical symptoms and pediatric ophthalmologists are skilled at understanding the manifestations of their ailments. Speaking to the child and getting to know about their problems right from them would be a better option for the doctor. 


Which eye tests will be performed by the best pediatric ophthalmologist in Mumbai?


Pediatric ophthalmologists in Mumbai perform the following eye test that would check the internal health of the visual system of the child. They would perform the following tests on the child:


  1. Vision test

A vision test is usually performed to see if the child can see at different lengths. A standard eye chart that has different levels of lettering and different shapes is used to get an accurate idea. But if the child is too young to read, 9 different shapes are used to check the same abilities. A child's depth perception is also an indicator of a good vision, which can be checked through various methods. The age of the child can be exposed to simulated heights and their response to that can be recorded to get an idea about the depth perception and overall vision. 


  1. Pupil test

A pupil is supposed to dilate when it is exposed to different amounts of light. That is how we can see in a dark and bright light. Through the process of dilation, the pupil controls the amount of light intake. In case of any difficulty in that, it usually becomes an indicator of a problem in pupils' function. A pupil test is performed with mild light to check the response of the pupil. 


  1. Eye movement


Eye movement tests can be performed in various ways. Depending on the child's age, there are moments when various stimuli would be different. Their eyes can follow the guided path as one of the tests. Inside the response to the items presented in the peripheral vision is also one of the tests of find moment which is extremely important in understanding the scope of their peripheral vision and if there is any difficulty with that. 


Through these tests, pediatric eye specialists are unable to understand the functioning of the visual system of the child. In most cases, there are also eye drops placed in your child's eyes to understand the scope of their pupil and retina better. The eye exam would last usually for 30 to 40 minutes if the drops are placed. This is done particularly in cases where difficulty in the dilation of the pupil is suspected. 


To know more about eye care for the child, book an eye exam with the best pediatric ophthalmologist in Mumbai, visit Eye Solutions. 


Article source: https://article-realm.com/article/Health-and-Fitness/10818-What-To-Expect-From-Your-Childrens-First-Eye-Checkup.html


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