When can dietary supplements be harmful?

by NANCY SMITH on Jan 29, 2019 Health and Fitness 131 Views

Dietary supplements have increasingly become a way of life. Everyone is taking some dietary supplement. Supplements are designed to augment the daily intake of nutrients, usually vitamins and minerals. There are several benefits of taking nutritional supplements as well as risks too.  Some of these supplement's risks are overlooked by people thinking since it gives us the essential nutrients, there is no harm. But having more than what we need of a single nutrient in our body can be very harmful and dangerous. Below we will discuss how too much of any supplement can adversely affect the body.

Usually, one should be able to get all the nutrients from a balanced diet. However, taking supplements provides additional nutrients when the diet is lacking or when certain health conditions cause an insufficiency or deficiency. But sometimes too much of something can be bad for health. Given below are a few points that need to be taken into consideration before a user decides on the dosage of the supplement.

  • Authorities to check- Dietary supplements are not regulated as strictly as drugs. There is no hard and fast rule where the manufacturers have to prove if the supplements use either safe or effective. In other words, standardization of supplements is optional. Certain products like AOR Lutein and AOR Solufibre choose the option of standardizing and letting their customers know about the uses and side effects of their products.


  • Mix and match- Unlike some dietary supplements like AOR Arjuna Flow, supplements generally can interact with prescription medications, and some supplements should be avoided before undergoing surgery.


  • Longer exposure- Large doses of certain nutrients can have strong biological effects on the body. While that may be beneficial in some cases, there are times when taking large doses of individual supplements can be dangerous. For example, the fat-soluble vitamins A and D can build up to toxic levels in your body when taken in large doses, so supplements like AOR Sustainable Vitamin D3 should be considered in consideration and as prescribed.


A supplement when taken in the right amount can do wonders to your body but otherwise can harm the body equally. These are some of the reasons why all dietary supplements should be consulted with a physician or nutritionist to know the dosages before consumption.

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Article source: https://article-realm.com/article/Health-and-Fitness/1139-When-can-dietary-supplements-be-harmful.html


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