Everything You Need To Know About Neck Pain

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Neck pain is a common health condition that affects millions of people globally. It can come from a range of diseases and disorders involving any of the tissues in the back. The tissues around neck and back could be strained from poor posture, including leaning over the computer or improper posture. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are also common cause of neck pain. Rarely, neck pain is a sign of some serious health ailment. Seek medical care and consider Greenfield physiotherapy & hydrotherapy if the pain persists for more than four weeks or if your neck pain is accompanied by numbness and loss of strength in your hands.

What Are The Signs Of Neck Pain?

Neck pain can range from minor to severe and interfering with daily activities, including the ability to concentrate on your work, sleep, and dress. The duration of the neck pain is classified into acute, subacute, and chronic. However, the following are the common signs of neck pain that requires medical intervention and neck pain treatment:-

• Neck pain accompanied by headache

• Neck stiffness and reduced range of motion

• Muscle tightness and spasms

• Pain that worsens when driving or working in a computer

• Reduced ability to move your head

Neck pain might be sharp and spotted in one place, or it might be intense and spread to various regions around the neck tissues. While sometimes the pain leads to headache, other times it can be accompanied by muscle spasms in the upper back, neck, and around the shoulder blades.

When to See a Doctor?

Most neck pain reduces and goes away with home medications. But, some back pain and neck pain requires treatment and Greenfield physiotherapy & hydrotherapy. Consult your physician and physiotherapist if:-

• The pain is severe that doesn’t go away

• Spreads down to arms and legs

• It is accompanied by numbness and headache

What Causes Neck Pain?

The neck is flexible and supports the weight of the head. However, it is vulnerable to injuries and certain conditions that can cause pain and restrict motion. It could be caused by various reasons, including nerve compression, injuries, and worn joints due to overuse or arthritis, and muscle strains.

How to Avoid Neck Pain?

There are certain things you could do to prevent neck pain, and here are they:-

• Sit in the right posture when you are working computer or siting

• Take breaks and move your head

• Adjust your desk, computer, and chair accordingly and make sure you are in a comfortable position

• Do not smoke

• Sleep in a good position

The author is a well-trained and experienced physiotherapist. Along with the team of professionals, he helps people to recover from injury and surgery using various therapeutic treatments. Visit https://greenfieldphysiotherapy.com.au/ for more details about back pain treatment.

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