Cosmetic Surgery in a Nutshell

by Biba Saleh on Jul 21, 2021 Health and Fitness 114 Views

Cosmetic surgery is the process of enhancing the physical appearance of an individual through the use of medical and surgical procedures. Cosmetic surgery is not just limited to improving our face or appearance. It can also be performed in the chin, neck and the body.

In 1817, the first surgery related to cosmetics was performed by John Peter Mettauer, an American surgeon and gynecologist. In 1962, Timmie Jean Lindsay was the first woman in the world who underwent the breast enlargement procedure.

Throughout the years, techniques and equipment and even knowledge in this field have developed. It paved the way for advanced procedures to become safer and easier to be done as what we have nowadays. Good thing here in Sydney, there are several skin clinic parramatta experts that we can turn to in case we need to undergo cosmetic treatments like aesthetic shaping, rejuvenating and restoration.

Why Do People Undergo Cosmetic Surgeries?

Aging is normal. Some signs of aging are body clock changes, saggy skin and wrinkled appearance. In some people, freckles are also becoming common. These are the reasons why cosmetic surgery is there. It is a perfect choice for people who want to stay and look healthy and fight the physical signs of aging.

Although cosmetic surgeries are done to fight the aging signs, there are people who really need this to improve their quality of life. It could be that they have suffered a devastating accident that has affected their physical appearance. In some patients, cosmetic surgeries are important to restore their self esteem and confidence about their body.

Different Kinds of Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic surgery as being a general term involves different procedures such as breast augmentation, hair transplant and liposuction. It also includes some skin care procedures like skin needling and buttocks surgeries. The most common cosmetic treatments are offered at the best hydrafacial parramatta clinics for those who need the most advanced skin care treatments to rejuvenate their skin.

Here are some other common examples of cosmetic treatments:

Eyelid surgery- also called as blepharoplasty. It is a procedure of removing the excess skin, fat and muscle in the upper or lower part of the eyelids.

Face lift- the other term of this is rhytidectomy. This surgery helps improve the signs of aging by lifting and firming the deep facial tissues as well as removing the excess and sagging skin. Through surgery, it helps the patient to look younger.

Nose lift- or rhinoplasty. This procedure changes the nose shape and looks. It can be done for medical purposes, like for the correction of the breathing problems of the patient, or maybe for cosmetic reasons.

Cosmetic surgeries are becoming more and more popular through the years. To try the procedures, feel free to consult with the best skin care clinic Parramatta experts.

The author is a skincare specialist who owns a reputed and well-established skin clinic in Parramatta. Along with the team of professionals, she works closely with each individual to help achieve their aesthetic goals through personalised treatment. Visit for more details.

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