Remedies Containing Saw Palmetto

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Remedies containing saw palmetto alone, or mixed with other herbs, are sold widely. As, with all herbal remedies, it is important to understand what evidence exists to support the safety and effectiveness of saw palmetto. There are supplements that contain saw palmetto plus are popular among the people.

Sisu Saw Palmetto Plus (Formerly Saw Palmetto Complex) is a supplement that is extracted from saw palmetto palm tree. It has a large use in controlling testosterone hormones. It lowers the testosterone level causes a variety of conditions which can be treated by stabilizing the levels of this hormone. Some people think that saw palmetto prevents testosterone from being broken down. When testosterone cannot break down naturally, the levels of the hormone in the body go up. It is essential to manage benign prostatic hyperplasia which is a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland. It has an impact on male hormone level; it may also help reduce the growth of cancerous cells in the prostate. Testosterone plays a role in both men and women's sex drive. It is linked to fertility because it affects the production of both sperm and eggs. As such, people may take saw palmetto in an attempt to increase their testosterone levels. This can help them experience an increased libido or a greater desire for sex. There are some minor ailments like coughs and cold, bronchitis, headaches and sleeping troubles that are cured by this supplement.

Importance of Vitamin Supplements

Sisu Vitamin B12 1000 mcg is a most active form, methylcobalamin. Together with vitamin B6 and folic acid, vitamin B12 helps control the body’s homocysteine levels. High levels of homocysteine are associated with cardiovascular disease, pregnancy complications, and neurological disorders. Vitamin B12 supplementation may be particularly beneficial for vegetarians, vegans, and people suffering from age-related degenerative conditions.

In order to incorporate the vitamins into the daily diet one needs to learn about what vitamins works on which purpose. Lack of vitamins may lead to a body into several diseases. Vitamin C is essential for ward off the cold and cough, vitamin E is essential for hair and skin. Our body cannot produce vitamin D which is essential for bone health. One needs take vitamin D as supplements for improving the density of the bone. Vitamin B complex is essential for blood pressure and heart health. For all these reasons one needs to incorporate vitamins into daily diet. To know more about supplements, visit

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